Saturday, June 03, 2006

No knitting today

Hello all.

Sorry to say that there has been no knitting today.
"No knitting...but why...what's wrong ? "

Simple... I am so tired !!!

The past week has been hectic at work and it started off with having to work on Memorial Day while everyone else was at the park or at some bbq. Being yelled at by nasty customers who wanted to spend there entire day making a mess in my store. GO OUT TO THE PARK .. SPEND SOME TIME WITH YOUR KIDS OUTSIDE.

Then there was the overflowing sinks in my kitchen for two days and having to bail out the water into a bucket and dumping it into the toilet. Finally the cause was found. My downstairs neighbor had her washing machine on for two damn days, not realizing that the water was backing up into the pipes and onto my kitchen floor.

So I was late for work, on the day of a major book signing of over 150 people and then all this rain. So my head hurts, my arms are sore from hauling buckets of water and to top it off, every screaming kid on the Upper East Side was at my register today at work.

So am I am bitter.. and venting to you all and I am heading straight to bed because I have to get up early tomorrow again.

So no knitting today, it has been in my bag all day... I looked at it and smiled but even the pleasure of the knit and purl couldn't help me today.


AngeliasKnitting said...

Poor Maribel...I hope you feel better after resting. :-)

Kimberly said...

POOR POOR POOR POOR Baby - that was horrible. Just a horrible day! I think you need a Knit Day - a day that is absolutely perfect - a day that involves a yarn sale where the perfect yarn is available in all desired quantities, two projects are completed, a perfect guage day, a day when your smile is the catalist for all wonderful days for those near and around you. OK enough of that horse manure. OK or you just need a day when people stop bringing their screaming brats out in public. what ever happened to seen and not heard? Glad you shared every day has to be better than that weekend.