Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What happened to that --- yarning thing ?

What would be one of the worse things to happen to a knitter during prime knitting gifting season...getting sick over and over again.

This is the hardest time of year for me, being a retail manager my life belongs to my store and all my friends and family know how difficult my schedule becomes. I really don't enjoy Christmas as much as I use to but I make do. I make every effort to stay healthy and rested, I really hate being ill.
So as the fates would have it I got hit hard early this year. Since I felt it coming, I paid an early visit to my doctor, but this infection, virus, flu...this evil thing wanted to make me miserable. I was a infected, congested, coughing, nose blowing, no voice having mess.

So just as I was starting to feel better, and the colorful phlegm was coming up and I didn't need to bathe myself in vapor rub at night ( you all know that Vicks is the Puerto Rican cure all), I got hit with a lovely dental infection.
It seems that my lovely illness infected a wisdom tooth which has been bothering me, so it had to come out yesterday. So now I have stitches on the right side of my mouth, I am on antibiotics for a week and I look like a lopsided chipmunk.

Just a few of the goodies from my pharmacy...and the really good ones get shared with the BFF.

I am really just tired of being sick, I am trying so hard just to make it through this week now.

And to add to my misery, I really have had no desire to knit at all. Nothing nada ...zippo.
It's bad when people who work with me ask me "why aren't you doing any of that yarning thing?"
Skeins and skeins of yarn on my floor and they all just have gathered dust. So finally the only thing that I have been able to finish with enthusiasm have been these socks. Made with Carons Tweed yarn and a simple and fast pattern from the Lion Brand Just Socks book. This is the Moss on the Mountain pattern made on #4's circulars ... so fast and fun to make. They were just what I needed to get me back into the knitting groove.

If anyone is looking for some easy and quick socks..both knit and crochet patterns this book is perfect. Nothing better than making some Bulky booties for quick gifts.
I have been trying to use up a lot of stash yarn for these socks and send them to happy homes were they will be worn with love.

If I don't get a chance to say it later ..........HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE !!!