Sunday, September 17, 2006

Have Knit Out ...will frolic

Today was the KNIT & CROCHET OUT 2006 here in NYC at Union Square Park. As many know this is the major knitting event here in this wonderful city and it is attended by hundreds of people. Last year I couldn't attend but I made a point of making sure I had the day off and no other plans.
Nancy and I met early this morning along with her oldest son/my godson Avery. He has learned to knit and is working on his own Harry Potter scarf. ( the first one I made him mysterouly disappeared at school)
We made sure that we got to the park about 20 minutes early to score some goodies and to see what booths were there this year. All the retail businesses from the city were there as well as the major stores like Michaels, AC Moore and of course people from LionBrand, Clover and Bernat.
Most were giving out patterns and magazines and yes I waited 40 minutes on the Clover line for free needles. The line was ridiculous and the Clover guys ( no women ) were too pushy but for some free bamboos we wait.

The Yarn Harlot herself, Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee was there this year and she was roaming all over the place and she was one of the mc's at the fashion show. She was hilarious especially as she tried to sound happy about all the crocheted items.
She squeezed into a booth to take a picture of Amy Singer of Knitty fame.
She was there signing any of her books and talking what she talks best.

Today was HOT ... I got a darker tan today than I did when I was in Florida last month. So about 2 we were done, the heat was too much and we had hit all the booths and it was time for lunch. Nancy's co-worker Tisha and her son Aaron had joined us by that time and we took a leisurely walk to UNOS.

The crowds were diverse and they were all having lots of fun.

Avery here was melting from the heat but he patiently waiting on line with me for his mom's needles, she has trained him well.

Some of the best booths at the event were charity related. Warm-Up America was collecting squares and both Save the Children and Knit for Kids were there giving out important about their organizations. Please take a few minutes to look up these groups, we all have extra yarn that would be perfect for these charities. There are not asking for major projects but they are asking for just at bit of your time. They have action kits and additional information which will guide you all to how to donate your knitted and crocheted items.

I finally got my Knit Picks yarn for my moms cardigan and I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the Summer Tank Top. Of course pictures will come soon.

Have a great week!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006



Today I received one of the sweetest and most generous gifts I have ever received. I had a package waiting for me at my door from the lovely Katrina.

Katrina was my spoilee from the One Skein Secret Buddy exchange, the one I was spoiling in Oregon. She has a beautiful family and does some great handknit pieces. I don't know how she finds the time to do all that she does.
So I was so surprised to get a package with two of my favorite things:
a Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino book which I don't have and two skeins of Baby Cashmerino yarn in the coolest purple color. Its not too bright but perfect for me and I know exactly what I am going to make myself and the sweetest thank you note.

She didn't have to do this for me ( she had her own secret buddy to spoil ) ... but I am so grateful and overwhelmed by her kindness.
I practically skipped to the train station as I was going to my knitting group. I told everyone about her gift and they were all so jealous.
We share a love for all that is Debbie Bliss and of course the color purple.

Thank you so much Katrina for your appreciation and friendship... I am so lucky

I tried to make the color stand out against the orange towel, I should have waited for daylight but I wanted to blog about this immediately when I got home today.

This weekend is the Knit Out at Union Square park ... hope to see some of you there. It should be packed but that is part of the fun...3000 obsessive knitters.

I picked up the summer tank top again, I did no knitting while in Florida and I am feeling so guilty since the summer is almost gone here in NYC.
The lesson has been learned, I need to plan things out better before committing to them.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Sickie in Orlando

So I travel 1000 miles to come down to Florida to visit my brother Abraham, my sister in law Vilma and their kids....and their kids kids and guess what happens to me ....
I get sick....a horrible head cold and cough that lasted me for almost three days. I hate that in and out of air conditioning and it didn't help that I got caught in the rain while in the pool and I had to run into the cold house.

I spent three days sleeping and trying to breathe in between cups of tea and nyquil. My mom enjoyed taking care of me but I am on it really sucked.
I couldn't spend more time with my niece Nina and her two beautiful boys because I did not want to get them all germy.... I know that bummed my niece's plans.

By Friday I actually was able to breathe out of my own nose and my ears unclogged and I ventured out of the house. My sister in law Vilma took pity on my and took me to Downtown Disney. We had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe and then just walked around for a bit.
I have done the Disney and Universal thing too many times but at least I got to go out for a bit.

My mom and sister in law have an amazing relationship... its the ideal and sometimes surreal. They get along, they bicker, they laugh and have a great time together. My mom adores Vilma like she was her own and Vilma loves my mom so much. ( my brother and sister in law were set up by our mothers over 30 years ago)

This is the hunky man in my bed all week... Ladies his name is Chico....single no kids and has his own pad ...or should I say wicker basket...
He is so happy when he sees me, loves me to pet him and feed him and loves to cuddle...Go figure the man of my dreams is four legged.

This is my hunky nephew Abraham...or Abe .... He has started his first year of college and he manages to work and take a full load of classes. Abe was my partner all week if I wanted to do buy him a very expensive calculator at Circuit City or dinner or a movie. He is a smart and funny young man so I don't mind helping him out if I can.

I wished I had the energy this week to do something else than sleep and veg.. but maybe that is just what I needed.

Hope everyone had a good week...

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Finally some knitting stuff

I finally have the opportunity to sit down and do some blogging .... yes I know that it has been a long time since I have actually did a knitting entry.

Last month I went to Lakeland which is near Tampa and about an hour from Orlando. I went to visit my other best friend ...Frances, but more about her later.

The one thing that Frances had to do for me was to take me to the nearest yarn/knitting stores. Frances is not a knitter but she did to me this favor. We found a fantastic store in Tampa called Knit 'n' Knibble.
A great store in which I could have spent a couple of hours and then have her pick me up later. The store has plenty of class space and a cafe in the back. I asked the owner if I could take these pics to show everyone. I was able to buy the Magic Loop book and a few needles while there.
The staff was so friendly and they even tried to help me find a pattern for a cardigan for my mom.

The other store which I went to was one called the Yarn Basket in Winter Haven. This store is still suck in 1974 and the only modern thing in the place was the LionBrand ( which I have no problem with) and the Clover needles. The pattern book in which I found the pattern for the cardigan was from 1972. So if you are looking for patterns for cozy and granny square blankets thats is where you should go. I only spent about 15 minutes in the place... that should tell you how dated the place was.

This is Frances.... and Goldie her new Golden Retriever.
Frances and I were next door neighbors and we have been friends for as long as I have known Nancy. We did our first holy communion together and we have been tight ever since. Her family moved to Miami when she was a teen and we never lost contact. I have followed Frances to Florida, Maryland, California and back to Florida.
She has a beautiful family and a loving ( and hunky) husband who adores her. So I make the effort to go visit at least once a year and do the mommy thing.
This visit Frances and her husband took me to Cocoa Beach to the Ron John Surf Resort.
The place is a great resort near Cape Canaveral ... not one sighting of Major Nelson or Jeannie anywhere. The beach was amazing but I will spare you all the pictures of me on the beach.

So Im in Orlando this time visiting my brother and his family. My mom is with me and I finally got to meet my niece Nina's second son Jordon and my niece Connie surprised my mom by driving up from Naples and I finally got to see her daughter Aliyah.

Shame my nieces and nephew have kids before me...( tick tick tick goes the clock)

So after this blog entry.. I will be watching these ... I totally hooked on the Gilmore Girls now.

And hopefully by the end of the week I will almost finish this: The summer tank top. ( crossing the fingers )

Soon I will be starting a cardigan for mom and a ducky for a friend....Finally some really knitting.

Have a great week.