Friday, July 27, 2007

oh joy !

So after three months of preparation

$3000 for face painters and clowns

Way too many corporate emails

Over 4500 copies in hiding

14 hour shift ... 2000 people and over 1000 copies sold in under 1 hour and 15 mins

Harry Potter came and went last weekend and now I have the best part of it all...

The flu and exhaustion... was it worth it? I am still trying to figure that out.

To top it off ... I have not been able to knit either...

Does anyone know JK's address so I can pay her a little visit.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I got some goodies ..

One of the best parts of going on vacation is getting souvenirs, but getting goodies moves up to a different level when you stay home and you get goodies from the best friend.

Nancy and her family went on vacation this past week to Virginia, and while they all frolicked in water parks and experienced history at Colonial Williamsbridge, I had house checking duty. Of course I don't mind making sure that her home is safe and checking on the animals because I do get rewarded in many ways.

I got my very own Virginia goodies bag which included an apple spice cake mix ( anything apple related belongs to me... appleholic here ), a replacement copy of the Magic Loop booklet since someone can't find my copy in her house and some amazing yarn. The hank of Claudia Hand Painted Merino yarn in the carousel colorway. I am thinking of making myself some funky gloves for the early winter. Nancy went to what seemed to be a lovely store called Knitting Sisters and she got some amazing things herself.

So... while I was at Michael's this past week looking for some gift basket stuff for the Harry Potter # 7 release party at my store, I came across a knitters best friend ... a clearance sale!
The large 600 plus yard Lily's Sugar n' Cream was on sale for $4 per skein. I quickly put away the small balls I had in my basket and picked up three in various colors. I really want to make some of the washcloths from Weekend Knitting and some baby bibs as gifts. The colors are perfect for what I to do this summer.

Project update:
  • One of my first short rows socks is finished, I am just having typical second sock syndrome. I am happy how it came out considering that I took it apart 4 times before some success.
  • Baby Kimono and hat are done but I am adding some easy bloomers from the Cozy Knits book to make a set and to use up the rest of the stash yarn.
  • Easy Bernat baby blanket done in two nights, hey I am good but it was only garter stitch but I really want to want to loop some ribbon in the eyelets to make it look fancier.
Pics will follow when all is finished.

So who else is watching General Hospital: Night Shift on SoapNet?. After not watching GH for over 15+ years I started watching it again last year, and now I have more chances to drool over Steve Burton.

Friday, July 06, 2007

No .. no no... myspace for me

When you type "knitting blogs" in Google, you get over 3 million hits. There are any number of blogs in the universe, every topic, subject and preference you can imagine.

So why is it that everyone I know, well except those in the knitting community are shocked or surprised when I tell them that I have a knitting related blog.

Is it really that hard to understand or comprehend?

Yes it is true that I am obsessive knitter .. could be worse, I could be addicted making those fan dancer doll toilet paper cozies.
You can often see me either reading or knitting on the subway...or when waiting for someone.
I have a number of knitting podcasts on my Ipod, but there is also tons of great music on it as well.
I have way too many knitting books and yarn in my apartment ... but not as much as some others I know but I don't have a spinning wheel.
People don't complain about my knitting when they get a hand knit scarf or hat for the winter or when I make their baby a special hand knit doll or sweater set.

So why then is it that I am constantly being told to join Myspace?

Simple...I have the time for only one online journal and this is it. If you want to find me, then it will be here. If you want to know how I am and what I have been up to you can call or email me or check here weekly.

So ... be fearful my dear ALL at some point might end up on my blog and I have lots of embarrassing pictures of you all.