Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Madam... Its a BOY !

In the past couple of days, I have knit nothing but this boy rag doll and for the next two days I am taking a break! Not that I don't love doing it.. I actually had to make him socks ... socks could you believe it. Then this weekend I went to Nancy's house to work on stuffing the dolls so that they are similar in size. It was a six or seven hour marathon of knitting, stuffing and girl time. Her hubby took the boys out for a few hours so we had the place to ourselves. I was ahead of the game, Nan had to do some lightning fast knitting and seaming to catch up, I had already had my doll stuffed and was working on adding elastic to his pants.

Here is Nan as she finished sewing up her doll and I think that she was actually trying to strangle the doll and get out all her frustrations.

Here is my boy, of course not my first... I did make the girl doll last year.

He is still naked and has no face yet ...but isn't he cute.

Has anyone bought the new Yarn Harlot's book. It's called Knitting Rules and I picked up on Friday at work. My staff is starting to worry about me since I walked around with the book like it was my new baby. Hey it was .. I lead a lonely life :-(

The book is a departure from all the hilarious knitting stories that she shares with us, it has tips and my favorite thing is all the things she wished someone had shared with her when she started knitting.

But then the weekend was complete when the Yarn Harlot herself...Stephanie emailed me back. OH MY GOD...it was almost like Christmas in March. I mentioned on her blog about me getting her book already and loving it. She was gracious and grateful and took time from her busy day to say 'thank you'. Just goes to prove that as knitters we are so happy to hear from each other, we reach out and we are tried and true.

So I am going to finally do some casting on for the baby sweater which is needed asap while I soak my ankle in epsom salt..who knows what I did to it.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Lets play catch up

I have to play catch up on one major gift that I received for my birthday two weeks ago. My very first needle holder that doesn't come from the Ziploc company.
Nancy got me this fantasitc purple holder as one of my gifts that were delivered to me at work.

Knowing that purple is my favorite color Nan had this made for me in different hues of purple and complementing colors like lime, blue and lime. Its great and I've begun to fill it up. She got it from Allison especially for me.

Now I did say that was putting myself on a yarn diet, a reduction on the stash that will save me hundreds and hundreds of dollars.
I am not going to totally stop buying yarn if need be but I have to make every attempt to use what I have. So today when I got in from a movie with my brother and Mark, I had this goodie in my mailbox.

I had to do an exchange with KnitPicks and they finally sent me this great sock yarn. I need 2-3 balls for a pair of socks and I am planning on socks being my plane knitting when I go to Iceland in 3 weeks.


Thursday, March 23, 2006

I is for Intarsia

Just a quick note to fill you all in on my latest happenings. Today was my Intarsia class at Seaport Yarns. The class was very productive and I got to begin and finish a small intarsia chart and I was very proud of myself. Everyone in the class had to bring in three different yarns to complete this project and next week will be a lesson Fair Isle and then Lace.

This is the front of the swatch and it looks good, it looks like a diamond and some squares.

And this is the back before the the ends get tucked in... not the prettiest thing.

As for my other knitting project, I am really busy putting together those pieces for that phantom doll that I am working on.

I hope that everyone is having a good week and that all your projects are progressing well.

Monday, March 20, 2006

No more yarn ???

Could I really do it?

Has anyone ever had that one moment when you say " I am not buying anymore yarn this year!"
Well I have had that thought running through my head over and over again. Don't panic I am absolutely not giving up knitting.. that would be physically impossible but I have really been thinking about a life budget, and that would mean a yarn spend down...downsizing the stash.
Don't call Bellevue and Nan... don't panic, there will be no worries of me raiding your stash while at the house... Let me explain my train of thought.

At work yesterday I became interested in a new release called Not Buying It by Judith Levine. It is a quasi-autiobiography of this couple who decide to voluntarily simplify their lives by not spending money on anything non essential for a year. No movies, no dinners and no mascara. Everything was brown bagged or home made, and only those vital items where bought. The couple was heavily in debt and they were constantly fighting about money. This gave them the time to regroup, communicate with eachother and friends they barely saw. They took long walks, utilized the parks more, free days at museums and all those great and free events in the city. They paid off their credit cards and even lost a few pounds by avoiding the donut cart and chocolate at the drug store. They have some advantages of course of two homes and no kids to spend on but they realized that they were just spending way too much on stuff they did not need.

But I need the yarn ... right?

I spent over $250.00 less than one week on yarn two months ago and I haven't touched it yet.
I use a large gift certificate for some gorgeous Lambs Pride wool and I have yet to start that sweater.
I then went to another store and spent almost another $50 bucks on some Debbie Bliss which is sitting on my knitting cube still. This doesn't include the sock yarn in bags and the new storage bin that I bought at the Container Store because the knitting cube is full.

So what I have decided is this. I have been thinking about getting my own home, I earn enough to put myself in debt with a mortage and all the repairs. I have to realize that I don't need so much junk, and my mom needs to understand that I don't need a new dish rack just because she likes hers better. I have to downsize my spending now.

Of course then there is ICELAND. I will be traveling to the fair isle in three weeks, and they are known for their yarn and wool and yarn and wool. So with the money I have put aside for my vacation and extra spending money I will be stocking up on some wool goodies.

So....I am promising myself to use up at least 75% of the yarn that I have in stash for my projects this year. I have to do this. If not for my future home but for my sanity in knowing that I have some will power. If not over the Haagen Daas then over the Lornas Laces.

This will be hard, almost like putting a carb-aholic person in a Krispy Kreme store alone for a day and telling them not to nibble on a glazed donut.



Monday, March 13, 2006

A Frankenstein moment

Instead of posting all the pictures of my weekend in D.C., I realized that I hadn't had much on the knitting tip lately. I have only a few weeks to finish the Boy Rad Doll from Knitted Toys.

Last year I completed the Girl Rad Doll from the same book as a gift for beautiful baby girl in Florida, and this year I am completing the Boy Rag Doll for a beautiful baby girl in Iceland. Its great to know that my rag dolls are going international.

So this weekend despite being in D.C. I was able to get some knitting done. I can't knit on buses, I get motion sickness but on Saturday night while watching television at my friend Donnell's apartment I was able to finish up the arms for the doll. I have now the pleasure of putting the body together today and starting the clothes. My biggest concern right now is the hair and making sure it doesn't come out. Don't want the dolly going to the Hair Club in Iceland in a couple of years.

I learned how to link today, Nan gave me the breakdown on how to do this. As simple as it was I am not the best at things like this, so she had to walk me through it. So no more ugly links on my blog.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Oh beautiful ...

This past weekend in celebration of my 37th birthday, I took a weekend trip to our nations capital ... Washhington D.C. I have a great friend who lives right outside of D.C. in Arlington and he was willing to deal with me all weekend. I took the notorious Chinatown Bus Line and had a great time. The weather was amazing and my friend Donnell spoiled me rotten. I made him take me to the National Mall and we went to the Smithsonian to see the Celia Cruz exhibit and just to take a nice long walk.

I wont get into a blogging moment about our nations politics and how things are or should be. I did take a few pictures around town. No matter how things are at the moment, I love the architecture of the buildings, and I am an eternally optimistic about their meaning and what we still could be.

( but I would highly recommend that they clean out the reflecting pool soon... smelly and the ducks will need healthcare soon)

And being a tried and true New Yorker, I was shocked that there was no eating on the Metro or the lights that alert you to the trains coming. There transit systems is great and its still in its infancy.

I was going to take out my needles at the Lincoln Memorial but I was concerned with being stopped.... and I don't think that dear ol Abe needed socks anyway.

And as for the "doll" mentioned in my last post ... all I have to say is "WHAT DOLL ? YO NO VEO NINGUNA MUNECA !!! "

Thursday, March 09, 2006


I want to thank everyone for all their birthday wishes. Today was a very good day.

When I arrived at work today, I had this amazing package from the Hershey Gods. Nancy had this tower package sent to me. It has so much chocolate and cookies that I will be visiting Jenny Craig and Lucille Roberts soon.
It came with a one pound solid chocolate cake with my name on it. My staff was trying to sneak it from my office all day. Thank God it is good for six months

I have been wanting to go to Serendipity 3 for dinner for the longest time.
So finally Mark.. the dearest man in my life and a fantastic friend ( ladies he is single ) took me to dinner there finally. We have this new restaurant tradition for our birthdays.

The desserts were amazing and of course I had their famous frozen hot chocolate. Mark had the will and determination to start his hot fudge sundae but it conquered him.

I enjoyed the frozen hot chocolate and my burger was great !

And who am I to let great ice cream go to waste. Mark enjoyed taking this picture of me --------->

And I almost got away without having the embarassing 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' sing-a-long. Since I had embarassed Mark at his birthday dinner in December he was determined to embarass me.

So while I was on line at the new Container Store on Lexington Avenue buying a holder for my monster stash, he proceeded to tell the cashier that it was my birthday. And they all broke out into song. All the cashiers at the container store, all 8 of them started to sing. And Mark was in his glory. He was jumping and laughing like he had just won lotto.

Its okay... its all love ... much love.

And I promise ..knitting pics soon to follow.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I haven't aged a bit !

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME .... 37 years and still counting and I haven't aged a bit.

In realizing that I was getting nearer to my birthday I decided late last night that I was going to put a picture of me and my beautiful mami on this blog... the one I have of my first birthday party.
And of course with pictures of my mami .. there have to be pictures of my handsome brothers.

I am the youngest and the only girl. Yes there were times when I was spoiled but most of all I felt protected and loved. I had my own personal bodyguards and to this day I know that they would protect me where ever and forever.

This lady is Lolita ... My beautiful mami ...and she is still the amazing and gorgeous.

This handsome man is Junior and eventhough he is no longer with us ... I know he watches over me everywhere I go.
This smiling man is Al, always constant in my life and I am so happy he is healthier every day.

This sailor is Abraham. He lives in Orlando but always just a phone call away if I need him.

And then there is Radames, always such a innocent soul who loves everyone.

All their love and protection and strength have been a constant in my life, and helped me become the woman that I have become.

I have been truly blessed !

Every girl should have had such a lucky life to grow up with four handsome brothers and a beautiful mami.

Te quiero mami.. Gracias por ser mi mama y por dar me vida !!!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Crazy for Cashmerino

I have raided the stash.

Recently I have had a little self control problem. I went yarn crazy. Crazy I say. All for the love Cashmerino. With some great yarn and craft stores closing I stocked up, I bought enough yarn to complete some projects over the next few months. Some of the goodies I got was several skeins of Debbie Bliss's Baby Cashmerino in many colors and last night I finally swatched for a gorgeous cardigan in this fantastic baby knits book by Debbie Bliss.

It will be in a soft lavender and the baby girl isn't here for another two months so I have to get a knitting.

I must wish Angelia of http://angeliasknitting.blogspot.com the best on her birthday tomorrow.

Thank you for making my entry into the world of blogging an absolute pleasure.


Saturday, March 04, 2006

Who said I don't need any more knitting books !

One of the perks of working for the company I do ( http://www.bn.com) is the discount and the free books. I am not going to lie, it makes it hard to walk by all the new great books, especially all those new knitting titles that are rolling in to my store. But I have some self control, just a little and I walk away and just look and drool. But every once in awhile I break down and buy one or two. This is my recent purchase, a felted knitting purse book. I am not a fancy girl who likes small little cute bags or those under the armpits girlie bags. My bag needs to have space for a few things including my knitting. This has a great pattern for a satchel bag with a great shape that I will be making for myself.

But the one thing that I will never understand is the colors that some of these designers pick for there bags. There is no way in hell that I will be carrying a fuzzy pink handbag, not unless it was given to me by a GORGEOUS man with an engagement ring inside, and even then I would have to question how well he really knows me.

I had a great dinner at Rosa Mexicano on Friday night with Minnie and Pat. Their food is great and they make the guacamole right in front of you, and all I did was spice it up a little. We then end up at the Pig n Whistle. This midtown bar with some other co-workers for a few drinks. It was perfect way to end the long day with some friends I haven't seen in awhile, and of course catching up on all the company gossip, and who doesn't like that.

Have a great weekend everyone... Happy Knitting !!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Have snow ... will cable !

Picture this ... Your day off, snowing outside, a big cup of coffee, Montgomery Clift on t.v. and your knitting. Perfect day off right, well except when you have to leave your warm apartment to head to a cabling class all the way downtown. But its paid for and you have to go.

Here is my end result... Look ma im cabling.

Now I did learn the basics of cabling from Nancy but this gave me a good hand and some tips. The class was full and I must say that I was very good at it.

Now I want to cable something soon, and of course I will share with you all.

Puerto Rico .. Here they come !

Yep I have proof... I finished them. It wasn't easy but they are done and ready to board a plane for the Isla del Encanto, mi Boriquen Hermosa... Puerto Rico.

The socks for Minnie's mami are done and I will be giving them to her tomorrow over dinner. Minnie and her siblings are going to Puerto Rico to celebrate their mothers' birthday. So we are going to dinner at a Rosa Mexicana here in the city as an early birthday dinner for me. Minnie and I like trying out new restaurants in the city, and I have been dying to go there.
I hope that her mom likes them and will wear them in good health for a long time.
Currently on my needles is a Lorna Laces bulky scarf. I had a hell of a time finding a pattern for this yarn. Its variated and bulky, so it had to be a simple pattern. I found a diagonial pattern in the Lion Brand - Just Scarves book. I like the way it looks and I want it long enough to wrap around a few times.
And since I don't have the time this weekend to go to Nancy's house to use her ball winder, I have to carefully ball up this hank tonight. I surely can knot up some warn rushing the balling up process. I think I might have to get a yarn winder soon, but then again I like going to Nancy's house and bothering her to do it....LOL Hey what are best friends for....