Thursday, March 02, 2006

Have snow ... will cable !

Picture this ... Your day off, snowing outside, a big cup of coffee, Montgomery Clift on t.v. and your knitting. Perfect day off right, well except when you have to leave your warm apartment to head to a cabling class all the way downtown. But its paid for and you have to go.

Here is my end result... Look ma im cabling.

Now I did learn the basics of cabling from Nancy but this gave me a good hand and some tips. The class was full and I must say that I was very good at it.

Now I want to cable something soon, and of course I will share with you all.


Nancy said...

Nice cables. What Monty movie was on? I should have been home watching to instead of working.

AngeliasKnitting said...

Nice cables! I like knitting cables. What cabled item are you going to knit? Enjoy the weekend!