Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Madam... Its a BOY !

In the past couple of days, I have knit nothing but this boy rag doll and for the next two days I am taking a break! Not that I don't love doing it.. I actually had to make him socks ... socks could you believe it. Then this weekend I went to Nancy's house to work on stuffing the dolls so that they are similar in size. It was a six or seven hour marathon of knitting, stuffing and girl time. Her hubby took the boys out for a few hours so we had the place to ourselves. I was ahead of the game, Nan had to do some lightning fast knitting and seaming to catch up, I had already had my doll stuffed and was working on adding elastic to his pants.

Here is Nan as she finished sewing up her doll and I think that she was actually trying to strangle the doll and get out all her frustrations.

Here is my boy, of course not my first... I did make the girl doll last year.

He is still naked and has no face yet ...but isn't he cute.

Has anyone bought the new Yarn Harlot's book. It's called Knitting Rules and I picked up on Friday at work. My staff is starting to worry about me since I walked around with the book like it was my new baby. Hey it was .. I lead a lonely life :-(

The book is a departure from all the hilarious knitting stories that she shares with us, it has tips and my favorite thing is all the things she wished someone had shared with her when she started knitting.

But then the weekend was complete when the Yarn Harlot herself...Stephanie emailed me back. OH MY GOD...it was almost like Christmas in March. I mentioned on her blog about me getting her book already and loving it. She was gracious and grateful and took time from her busy day to say 'thank you'. Just goes to prove that as knitters we are so happy to hear from each other, we reach out and we are tried and true.

So I am going to finally do some casting on for the baby sweater which is needed asap while I soak my ankle in epsom salt..who knows what I did to it.


AngeliasKnitting said...

Hope your ankle feels better. The stuffing party sounded great. Mmmmmm...NYC pizza! I can't wait to see the finished dolls!

Wow! An e-mail from the Yarn Harlot! Did you print it...and frame it??? :-) I didn't get her new book yet. You see, I don't work at a bookstore & get a discount. :-)hehe!

Nancy said...

I finally started the book yesterday but my copy is all bent up I have to order a new one and exchange it. My Harlot book must be pristine!

ann said...

didn't get the new book yet, but I appreciate that Nancy likes her Harlot's to be pristine!