Friday, March 24, 2006

Lets play catch up

I have to play catch up on one major gift that I received for my birthday two weeks ago. My very first needle holder that doesn't come from the Ziploc company.
Nancy got me this fantasitc purple holder as one of my gifts that were delivered to me at work.

Knowing that purple is my favorite color Nan had this made for me in different hues of purple and complementing colors like lime, blue and lime. Its great and I've begun to fill it up. She got it from Allison especially for me.

Now I did say that was putting myself on a yarn diet, a reduction on the stash that will save me hundreds and hundreds of dollars.
I am not going to totally stop buying yarn if need be but I have to make every attempt to use what I have. So today when I got in from a movie with my brother and Mark, I had this goodie in my mailbox.

I had to do an exchange with KnitPicks and they finally sent me this great sock yarn. I need 2-3 balls for a pair of socks and I am planning on socks being my plane knitting when I go to Iceland in 3 weeks.



AngeliasKnitting said...

Your first needle holder that didn't come from Ziploc! LOL! (you do know that there are really BIG Ziploc bags now?) HaHa!

The needle case is so nice! I like the shorter pocket (for shorter needles). That Nancy!

Surely you can cut cost somewhere else (instead of yarn)...I don't know about you, but if I go too long without buying some yarn, it hurts!

Ingileif said...

Sorry my friend!! You can NOT take needles with ya on the plane!! After 9/11!! :( You can have it in your luggage!

Nancy said...

You know it recently occurred to me that I as your sock knitting benefactress have not received any knitted socks for my own poor cold feet. Yet most of the employees of the Barnes and Noble chain have. How exactly does that work?

Maggie said...

actually if you use plastic needles they will usually let you take it on the plane. But I advise bringing a self addressed package that you can chuck your yarn and needles into in case they don't let you take in on the plane