Sunday, February 24, 2008

Two pugs ... the sweet Brigid and Snowy Surprise.

With the winter dropping a heavy dose of snow and sleet on NYC, there are few reasons for me to leave the warm sanctuary of my apartment to take a long trek to Long Island. I was invited to a surprise baby shower for Cara who is due in March. This extravaganza was organized by the amazing cutie Ann and it was a great day out with some new and old friends.

I met most all of these wonderful ladies through my BFF Nancy and all the connections she has made in the world of knitting bloggers. It is amazing how this wonderful craft, just two sticks and some string has brought all of us together. We took the train with Regina and I got to see some of the ladies from Spin Out last year.

Ann and her hubby have a beautiful home and she planned a beautiful day for Cara and her family. Cara had no idea about the shower, especially with her family coming in from Pennsylvania. Many blessing for her and her husband Georgie on their bundle of joy.

Ann made Cara the most amazing blanket made with Knit One, Crochet Two yarn. It was a labor of love but Ann is such an amazing knitter and spinner. After all the gifts were opened and we were stuffed with great food and yummy mimosas, we all just sat around to knit and chat up a storm. I know everything I need to know about prepping for an easy child birth if ever I go down that road.

I am a dog lover, and when I walked into Ann's home, I was greeted by three of the most amazing dogs ever.

Poe ... the wildest, most hyper Pug I have ever met.

Lucy... so chubby and so cute.

and Brigid, the warmest and loving dog. These dogs run the house and Ann and the rest of the family just happen to live there.

So what am I knitting...or should I say what is in the knitting bag, and sometimes ends up being worked on. The only real project I have been working on is a cardigan for my mama. She has an idea that I am working on something for her since I had to measure her, and it will be finished for her birthday in April. The pattern is from the new book Twelve Months of Knitting and its so simple but the problem is inspiration. The two front sides and back are done, I am even doing the sleeves in the round so I don't have to seam later, but it is still taking forever. I have other projects I want to start but I am hesitant to even buy the yarn. Is anyone else going through the
winter knitting blues. I didn't do much holiday gift knitting since I really do not have the time during the holiday season, so I don't know why I am in such a slump. I try do a lot of knitting on the train but with it being cold and with so much reading I need to catch up on, the knitting suffers. The know I am not the only one who goes through this, but now its just figuring out how to get out of the slump.