Sunday, September 03, 2006

Finally some knitting stuff

I finally have the opportunity to sit down and do some blogging .... yes I know that it has been a long time since I have actually did a knitting entry.

Last month I went to Lakeland which is near Tampa and about an hour from Orlando. I went to visit my other best friend ...Frances, but more about her later.

The one thing that Frances had to do for me was to take me to the nearest yarn/knitting stores. Frances is not a knitter but she did to me this favor. We found a fantastic store in Tampa called Knit 'n' Knibble.
A great store in which I could have spent a couple of hours and then have her pick me up later. The store has plenty of class space and a cafe in the back. I asked the owner if I could take these pics to show everyone. I was able to buy the Magic Loop book and a few needles while there.
The staff was so friendly and they even tried to help me find a pattern for a cardigan for my mom.

The other store which I went to was one called the Yarn Basket in Winter Haven. This store is still suck in 1974 and the only modern thing in the place was the LionBrand ( which I have no problem with) and the Clover needles. The pattern book in which I found the pattern for the cardigan was from 1972. So if you are looking for patterns for cozy and granny square blankets thats is where you should go. I only spent about 15 minutes in the place... that should tell you how dated the place was.

This is Frances.... and Goldie her new Golden Retriever.
Frances and I were next door neighbors and we have been friends for as long as I have known Nancy. We did our first holy communion together and we have been tight ever since. Her family moved to Miami when she was a teen and we never lost contact. I have followed Frances to Florida, Maryland, California and back to Florida.
She has a beautiful family and a loving ( and hunky) husband who adores her. So I make the effort to go visit at least once a year and do the mommy thing.
This visit Frances and her husband took me to Cocoa Beach to the Ron John Surf Resort.
The place is a great resort near Cape Canaveral ... not one sighting of Major Nelson or Jeannie anywhere. The beach was amazing but I will spare you all the pictures of me on the beach.

So Im in Orlando this time visiting my brother and his family. My mom is with me and I finally got to meet my niece Nina's second son Jordon and my niece Connie surprised my mom by driving up from Naples and I finally got to see her daughter Aliyah.

Shame my nieces and nephew have kids before me...( tick tick tick goes the clock)

So after this blog entry.. I will be watching these ... I totally hooked on the Gilmore Girls now.

And hopefully by the end of the week I will almost finish this: The summer tank top. ( crossing the fingers )

Soon I will be starting a cardigan for mom and a ducky for a friend....Finally some really knitting.

Have a great week.


Nancy said...

But you didn't even get to show the pattern book you got at that yarn shop stuck in '74.

You have to do that when you get back.

Miss Lime said...

Yay for yarn stores near Tampa! Tampa is where I grew up (actually just north) and now I know where to go for a yarn fix the next time I'm down there. :)

Miss Lime