Friday, September 08, 2006

Sickie in Orlando

So I travel 1000 miles to come down to Florida to visit my brother Abraham, my sister in law Vilma and their kids....and their kids kids and guess what happens to me ....
I get sick....a horrible head cold and cough that lasted me for almost three days. I hate that in and out of air conditioning and it didn't help that I got caught in the rain while in the pool and I had to run into the cold house.

I spent three days sleeping and trying to breathe in between cups of tea and nyquil. My mom enjoyed taking care of me but I am on it really sucked.
I couldn't spend more time with my niece Nina and her two beautiful boys because I did not want to get them all germy.... I know that bummed my niece's plans.

By Friday I actually was able to breathe out of my own nose and my ears unclogged and I ventured out of the house. My sister in law Vilma took pity on my and took me to Downtown Disney. We had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe and then just walked around for a bit.
I have done the Disney and Universal thing too many times but at least I got to go out for a bit.

My mom and sister in law have an amazing relationship... its the ideal and sometimes surreal. They get along, they bicker, they laugh and have a great time together. My mom adores Vilma like she was her own and Vilma loves my mom so much. ( my brother and sister in law were set up by our mothers over 30 years ago)

This is the hunky man in my bed all week... Ladies his name is Chico....single no kids and has his own pad ...or should I say wicker basket...
He is so happy when he sees me, loves me to pet him and feed him and loves to cuddle...Go figure the man of my dreams is four legged.

This is my hunky nephew Abraham...or Abe .... He has started his first year of college and he manages to work and take a full load of classes. Abe was my partner all week if I wanted to do buy him a very expensive calculator at Circuit City or dinner or a movie. He is a smart and funny young man so I don't mind helping him out if I can.

I wished I had the energy this week to do something else than sleep and veg.. but maybe that is just what I needed.

Hope everyone had a good week...


Nancy said...

At least you're back today, you were gone a bit too long for my taste;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry you were sick on your vacation! I'm STILL not feeling 100% since coming down with bronchitis three weeks ago. Let's hope your recovery is faster than mine.

I loved reading about the relationship between your mom and sister-in-law. How very sweet that they share that kind of closeness.

I just got to see the Yarn Harlot in person this week and she was delightful. She is coming your way on the 16th (in Brooklyn) and the 17th (in Union Square). Go see her if you can---you'll be glad you did.

AngeliasKnitting said...

I'm sorry you were sick on your vacation!

I'm glad you're back, though. :-)

Miss Lime said...

I couldn't find an email for you, but want to say thanks for the comment on the limenviolet blog regarding the books. I just ordered Knitting Under the Influence from, but haven't heard of the other two that you mentioned. So now I have more to add to my list! I <3 books! :)

Miss Lime

Ingileif said...

"breathing out of your own nose" you say. Who's nose did you use in the before?? ;) Hope you're feeling better!!

AngeliasKnitting said...

PS: Secret Pal 9 sign-ups are going on now til the end of September, in case you're interested. :-)