Sunday, May 28, 2006

Take me out to the ball game

Hello Everyone ! I tried doing this post yesterday but my computer was not having it all, I think its giving me the hint...time for a new one.

Eventhough I have been working on many projects this week, I do not have any pictures yet to show anyone. So I decided to show these wonderful pictures of my outing to Yankee Stadium on Friday night. My nephew Abraham is visiting from Orlando and he wanted to go see a game. He grew up here in NYC but then his dad moved to Florida. So being the great titi I am, I got last minute seats for him, my mami and me.

Its not like I have to travel miles and miles to get to the Stadium, I go by it everyday on the subway. I grew up three blocks from the Stadium and some of my most cherished childhood memeories are playing around the stadium and once in awhile catching a glimpse of a player before they headed in.
I was able to get this shot of Derek Jeter just before he hit his 2000th hit and then his 2001 hit. It was great that he was able to do it at home and of course he got a standing ovation.
I am a diehard Yankees fan ... good or bad

Here is my hunky nephew Abraham. He's 19 now, a hard working college student...ladies you should see his eyes. It gave my mami some time with her grandson...of course as she munched on Cracker Jacks and watched the game.

Eventhough it stayed sunny most of the day, the skies opened up at the bottom of the 8th inning and there was no way we could stay. The umbrellas were no use at all. I was soaked and it was hilarious seeing my mom running in the rain like a young 50 year old (she's 76).

All in all a great time.


Ingileif said...

:) Goooo Yankees!!!

AngeliasKnitting said...

I was wearing my Yankee hat this weekend (while I was setting up a pool in our backyard). :-)

What a wonderful Aunt you are!