Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hey Abbott......I've been a BAD girl !!!

I have no self control. No will power what so ever and this time is not over a big piece of chocolate cake. Its yarn!

The Lion and the Lamb in NYC has lost their lease and they started a 50 - 70% off sale yesterday. I got there around 5 after work and before my knitting group at my store. The crowd wasn't too bad but it got bad quickly. So many customers were coming in that they had to stop them from entering since the place is too big. Besides the high end yarns and goodies they also carry an amazing collection of needlepoint goodies. Heck I spent nothing compared to the woman who spent $800+ in needlework canvases and yarns. I heard that there was a fight today, women yelling at each other. Okay people .. knitting is a civil hobby.

Here is my haul ...
Just some Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino ( my favorite for baby stuff ), Tahki - Baby, some Dale of Norway Baby Ull and some Regia sock yarn.
Oh and some Addi Turbos at 50% off too. I had only on Addi needle and I won't tell how much that one cost me at full price.

I finally finished the Baby Sweater and now I have to redo the booties. I found another pattern I love. So the gift giving will have to wait for a few days now. The baby is still a newborn, so I have some time.

The exciting news is that I got my ONE SKEIN KNITALONG buddy today. I am so excited to start this exchange. I am not sure if I am supposed to say her name on my blog as of yet. But she lives across the country, in a state that I have not been to yet. This is going to be so much fun.



Nancy said...

Your secret buddy won't know who you are until the knitalong is finished.

AngeliasKnitting said...

Wow - look at that haul! Addi's for half-price. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

i'm your secret pal
i'm your secret pal
i'm your secret pal

quite the haul from Lion & Lamb - I'm hoping to get there today.....