Sunday, May 07, 2006

Finally ... some pics

So..I went to Iceland and it is amazing to see the reactions of people when you tell them that you have gone to this land far far away. Heck it was only 5 hours away. But it was beautiful and amazing. Here are some of the pictures that I took over there, some of my favorites for your viewing pleasure. Nancy was with me of course, since it was her family we went to see. Here we are on our last visit for some last minute shopping of yarn goodies. The Alafoss store is a dangerous place. We were in nirvana !!!

I loved the open road ...

This creator was amazing.. no chance of this old volcano blowing again..anyone want to go for a swim ?

Iceland's most beautiful baby ... Asthilda Emma

And her parents and our amazing hostesses...Ingleif and Linda. They were fantastic and so loving to all of us. ( I am still waiting for a certain recipe ..hint hint)

Even though this is a man made geyser.. I love the picture and the sun shining in the background.

I am still munching on the most amazing chocolate covered raisins that I got over there as I type this blog entry, trying to make them last.

The beauty of this country, the generousity of the people and its peacefulness are overwhelming.


Ingileif said...

Oooops, we forgot the recipe! ;) It's on its way! Dear Maribel. It was our pleasure to have you all over and showing you our country. We enjoyed it enormosly. Looking forward to your next visit!!!

AngeliasKnitting said...

Amazing pictures. I can't believe it's only a 5 hour plane trip (same amount of time from PA to CA).