Saturday, May 20, 2006

Solo in the City

Today was a beautiful day in NYC. One of those Spring days that we yearn for after all the snow and cold weather. Not even having to deal with waiting for buses or slow local train could make it bad.
But the one dangerous thing about being single in the city is not having someone to say
"Back away from the yarn Maribel, put it back ... for Heaven's sake have some self control!"

I decided to go check out the new store KnittyCity on the Upper West Side today. The store has become very popular in a short amount of time, and the word of mouth has been good. It is a lovely place and when I walked in there was a class going on in the back room, and a mother and daughter taking lessons at one of the tables.
What pleased me the most was that they do have a large variety of yarns, they even carry some Lion Brand and a large selection of Cascade 220 in some great colors.
I ended up walking out with some Freedom cotton denim for a messenger tote bag I want to make from the Greetings from the Knitting Cafe book.
And for those of you who have to sneak your yarn into your homes, you might want to bring a bag with you, KnittyCity has clear bags ... so everyone can see your haul.

I finally finished the Baby Cardigan and goodies that I started a few months ago. The baby for who this gift is meant was born almost two months ago, but since I made this set in a 24 months size, it will be some time before she wears it.
The sweater was made from the Special Knits for Baby by Debbie Bliss and the booties are also from Ms. Bliss but from her Quick Baby Knits book. I love some of her patterns and nothing could be better against your hands but her baby cashmerino yarn.

The beret was from the Ann Budd's Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns.
I totally fell in love with the beret when I finished it, not a mistake or twisted stitch anywhere.
Damn I'm good!


Linda said...

Hi! Finally decided to comment :) I hope it will be nice summerdays when we come to NYC. Not that we will be shopping for yarn hehe, but we will be shopping! And I hate to shop in the rain. Then we would probably stay longer in the shop and buy a lot of crap we don´t need.

Nancy said...

Oh my god that set is so adorable. Puts my baby bolero to shame.

ann said...

damn, you are good!!

Anonymous said...

totally gorgeous knitting!

your one skein secret pal.....

AngeliasKnitting said...

Love your finished items! They are beautiful. I'll have to remember the name of that shop...never mind! I'm contacting you & Nancy before I go to NYC (to be my NYC yarn tour guides)- so as long as you know where the shop is, I don't have to! :-)