Sunday, June 25, 2006

Finally ... the bikini is here

This has been the hardest blog entry since I began blogging. It seems that my computer and Blooger are having issues with eachother. Every time I tried to upload some pictures my computer was not happy and it would just stop and freeze up. Let me just say that my computer is a little older and I am looking into getting a new one ( but I have not broken the news to my machine.. but I think it senses something)

I have been working on a bikini for a co-worker for the past month, it was a "let me see if I could do this project" - project. The interesting thing about this bikini was more the fact that it would not be one solid color but six and in even stripes, it was to be the colors of the rainbow to be worn at todays Gay Pride Parade. I used the pattern from the great new book "Greetings from the Knit Cafe" and the yarn was Palette from Knit Picks. The hardest part was finding the true colors of the rainbow ... bright and vibrant. This yarn eventhough it is 100% wool, it matched the gauge and colors. So I told the young lady at work that this bikini is just for show, not to go a pool or beach water. She understood and was happy with the end results. The top did give me some problems when I realize I miscounted a whole 13 stitiches and I had to unravel the left boob, and I was not thrilled with casting on 380 stitiches at six rows each for the ties but I did it ( that was 6840 stitches on number 1's)

I don't think that I would ever make this bikini again with this yarn, the pattern was for a lycra blended yarn, but it was interesting to put together.

Yesterday was great SPIN OUT ! Now it was supposed to be held in Central Park but the pouring rain through a wrench into those plans. After much debating and some last minute luck the event was held at a recreation center on the East Side. Cara the organizer of the event is a great knitter and a spinner.

Here is Nancy taking a spin at the wheel. She wants one badly but she's not sure which is the best to get for a beginner. Ann was letting her play with her wheel for a bit and then Nancy and I tried spinning yarn from a drop spindle. Let me say that using a drop spindle is not for me.
It was amazing to see so many people spinning and knitting ... all ages helping each other and just having a great time.

This week I was on vacation, I did not have any plans except a few movies and the museum, but I ended up being sick most of the week with a horrible head cold and a nasty cough. I had no desire to knit and all I wanted to do was sleep. Guess my body was exhausted from running around my bookstore and it need to crash. Doesn't it was seem that when you have no plans your week always flies by. But I do have a commitment to finish a baby sweater and a hat or two for the Dulaan Project.
These projects didn't take much time and they used up some stash which I have no plans for. I love the fact that my simple items can help some needy kids so far away from me.

So its back to work tomorrow and my knitting group meets on Tuesday evening at my store. Hopefully some of the members of my group have a few knitted objects for me to send out to Arizona for the project.


Nancy said...

Damn I look so deep in thought but really I just have no f'ing idea what I'm doing. Ann was a great coach though!

ann said...

knitted swimwear! (reminds me of that old Wendy's commercial with the russian ladies modeling "schwimvear"!) ..... anyway, it was great meeting you at long last - and I will make good on that swimdate promise!

Julia said...

I designed that bikini, so I'm really happy to see you make it. The result is great. I'm honored to have contributed to the gay pride parade as well. If you get any photos of the bikini in action, please let me know!

By the way, if you haven't already - block that sucker! It looks so much nicer blocked!