Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Bronx is up and the Battery's down.

So this past week our friends from Iceland came to visit our fantastic city. They arrived late Saturday night and left way too fast. On Sunday there was a BBQ at Nancy's house. We had a great time, with the great food and the nice weather. It was great seeing Ingileif and Linda again so soon and Asthildur- the cutiest 9 month old in Iceland.
On Monday I made dinner for our travellers. I had promised them a true Puerto Rican dinner. Using Nancy's kitchen and some cooking goodies the we use, I made arroz blanco, pollo guisado con papas, ensalda con aguacate y habicuelas rositas (translation ... white rice, stewed chicken with potatoes, salad with avocado and pink beans). There was a lot of food and it was a big hit. I really don't have the chance to cook big meals like that. I love too cook for friends and make a big presentation when I have the chance.

On Tuesday I met up with the ladies for some more sightseeing around the city. Linda really wanted to see the
Statue of Liberty and I could not let her leave our fair city without at least going by it. So we took the train down to the South Ferry station and there you can catch the Staten Island Ferry ( for free) and it goes right by the Statue of Liberty and then you land on Staten Island. Many tourist do this ever since 9/11 and the ferry runs all times a day. It was great seeing Linda's face when the ferry was going by Lady Liberty.

I was able to get some pictures of the beautiful family together on the ferry and on the Subway. Asthildur had everyone on the train totally in love with her, she made friends everywhere she went. If anyone goes into Toys r Us this week and notices the empty shelves, well that was because Ingileif and Linda bought it out and took it all back to Iceland with them. We had a great dinner at Planet Hollywood and then I left the exhausted ladies to go back to their hotel to pack and get some rest.

They arrived home safely and I think they have finally caught up on their sleep. It was great seeing them again and taking them around.

As for my knitting.... well I have to make some serious progress on the PRIDE bikini this week. The bottom is almost there and the top wont take too long. I just have had no time to work on it at all, and since there are so many colors involved I cannot carry it around in my bag.

Hope everyone is doing better on their projects.


Linda said...

Hi. Thank you for showing me the Statue of Liberty. I just couldnt leave NYC again without seeing her!!!
The Puerto Rican dinner was delicious, yummie.
But... We didnt shop all that much in Toys'R'Us... since our suitcases were already packed with other stuff. We wish we would have bought more in Toys'R'Us, Asthildur loves her teddy bear so much we really should have bought another.

AngeliasKnitting said...

Love the Staten Island ferry. That's how the QP got to see the Statue of Liberty. We also (always) stop at the Times Sq Toys R Us. Such a cool store!

It sounds like you all had a great time! Your Puerto Rican dinner sounds good!

The QP asked me (Saturday) when we're going to NYC again. She loves it - loves the subway, the BX, her Grandma's house on E180th, Manhattan, Toys R Us, Central Park...all of NYC! :-)