Friday, June 16, 2006

Guess who I met today ?

Today was one of those days when a knitter goes ...Oh my GOD ! That's Debbie Bliss.

At Seaport Yarns this morning I had the pleasure of meeting two of my favorite knitting gurus....Debbie Bliss and Nicky Epstein. Debbie Bliss was in the US for a few trade shows and then she was going to several stores in NYC and NJ before heading back to London. It seems that she and Andrea - the owner of Seaport Yarns have become friends over the years and she had this morning to come by the shop. Me like the geek that I am got up bright and early eventhough I got home late from my store last night and headed to Fulton Street downtown. I was the first one there, it was only from 9:30 to 1pm.
I must say that she is the loveliest person and so grateful to hear feedback and talk to those people who spend time with her books, yarns and designs. While helping her uppack some of the knitted pieces from her suitcases, Ms. Bliss was hilarious and showing me the new cashmere yarns and the proofs of her new book Simply Baby which was supposed to be at the event but instead was stuck in customs. The book is going to be beautiful and the projects are so adorable. There were so many finished items to try on and this most amazing jacket that starts out with five stitches and is almost like a spider web.

So about half and hour later Nicky Epstein walked in. She and Debbie have been friends for years and they immediately started chatting away. I love her Over the Edge and Knitted Flowers book.
We were treated a discusssion on how she goes by designing her lines and the whole process from stetches to book. She has a unending deadline and there a lot more to come for us who love her books.

After I got one of my books signed, I decided to head down to the Seaport and hang out and do some knitting. Today's weather was lovely and the tourist were out in full force. I didn't realize at first that the bench I chose to sit on and have my lunch was the most popular one there, or at least the area of the Seaport. It hit me a second later... dah .. you are facing this :

The Brooklyn Bridge

So...I have been working an this bikini for over two weeks, and its due next week. Then I realize today that one of the cups of the bra is smaller than the other. Somehow I miscounted and I had to take the who cup apart. I cannot look at it today again, but it will be my buddy for the next couple of days. I will work on adding the elastic to the bottom for a bit tonight and finish that part at least.

I hope that everyone who lives in NYC and is free on 6/24/06 can come the the SPIN OUT in Central Park that day. It should be great day and a lot of fun. I will be tagging along with Nancy that day and I finally get to meet Cara.


Jen said...

I would love to be able to knit...I may start a class this fall. I think it would be very relaxing.

Minnie said...

you've been busy!!!
Who said you didn't have a life!!

AngeliasKnitting said...

Wow! Lucky you!!

I wish I could be in NYC for the Spin Out. But a trip to NY is not happening right now. :-(

Anonymous said...

you one skein secret pal has sent you a present......keep your eyes open.......

Nancy said...

I hear a rumor that the bikini is finished, yet I haven't seen it. I'm very suspicious perhaps it was a crank message;)

Rachel said...

great work on the bikini, any chance you can find enough material do a bikini in a plus size for me..:) hmm, changed my mind to scary to even think about. lol..