Saturday, April 08, 2006

P is for Proud !!

Okay okay...I have not blogged all week, and I have already been told that that is unacceptable.
It has been a busy week for me. My schedule is not a normal 9 to 5 and there are days when I get home at almost one in the morning and I am ready to pass out.
My brother was admitted to the hospital this week again, he had a major drop in his red blood cells from a combination of medications that he must take daily. He had liver transplant two years ago and other issues since then. I am his health care proxy and his doctors know me well.

Then in between all of that I am finishing up a certain rag doll, I feel like a hair transplant specialist. Hair plugs are my new specialty, and my new vocation if I ever give up on retail.
At the moment he look like a Bay City Roller or Peter Townsend, but still very adorable. I will post a picture of the doll after he is given as a gift... can't totally ruin the surprise.

I have had the opportunity of teaching some co workers how to knit. Recently Gary here asked me to help him get started on the pointy sticks so he could knit something special for his first granddaughter who is due any day now.

He completed a pair of booties and a bib from Bernats Cotton Tots and he started his first hat on dpn's. He is trying to master the dpn's and everyone at work is loving his knitting skill. He and Charlotte, his lovely wife are going to be fantastic grandparents.

Now... I live in the amazing and always misunderstood borough of THE BRONX . Nothing anyone can ever tell me will stop me from loving it and being proud to be a Bronx Girl. Of course we have the Yankees (did I mention the 26 World Championships), the Bronx Zoo and the amazing Botancial Gardens. The Bronx is the birthplace of Edgar Allen Poe, James Baldwin, Ralph Lauren, Rita Moreno, Colin Powell, E.L Doctorow, Stanley Kubrick and Bobby Darin. I has had an amazing resurgence in the past decade and continue to thrive.

I live on a lovely parkway that lead up to the entrance of the Botancial Gardens. During the spring and summer the trees and parks are in bloom and beautiful to walk along. The other day when walking home I noticed the most amazing thing. There were numerous trees planted alone the parkway.

I have had noticed that many of the older trees are dying, they have served us for a long long time. So they neighorhood, along with the parks department have planted more to prepare for the future. They are still young but so beautiful and I am so proud to have them there for the years to come.

So this week I'm working six days straight including the weekend, I have to finish the doll by Monday night and did I mention that I am leaving for Iceland on Friday! .... I have to start packing by Monday and put all my things in order. NO PRESSURE !!!


AngeliasKnitting said...

S-A-TUR-DAY-NIGHT! (hehe! That's one of hubby's favorite songs)

Sorry to hear about your brother - I hope he's doing better.

I've missed you - thought you were going to go to Iceland without talking to us! :-)

I agree with you on the BX (you forgot that hubby was born there - I know he's not famous, but I love him!) :-) And now I feel better knowing that there are 2 white people in the BX (me & Nancy) - when I'm visiting. lol!

Don't wear yourself out before your vacation!

Nancy said...

Damn Angelia stole my line!!! That's exactly the song I was going to quote. You know how I love the Bay City Rollers...

Cool trees I'll have to walk over and check them out. Avery's school has the kids do tree studies on the parkway. They pick one tree and visit it periodically during the year and measure the changes. It will be cool that Ian will have some new trees to discover.