Sunday, April 23, 2006

Let me show you my goodies

Before I start sharing all my Icelandic pictures with those of you who read my little blog here, it is only befitting that I share with you all the wool goodies that I got on my little jaunt across the Atlantic.

Ingileif (Nancy's cousin) is a fantastic tour guide, and she lives only about 5 minutes from Alafoss - The factory outlet for Lopi Yarn in Mosfellsbaer. Now we went in there twice during our stay and we did have some issues figuring out how we were going to get all that yarn in our suitcases. But we had some self control ( I did have more than the Nancy - she had two large bags). The place is amazing and they are so nice and helpful.

This is my stash and I like the goodies that I bought myself. There is some Hjerte Sock yarn from Denmark, some Kambgarn Lopi Sock yarn a wine and pumpkin colors and some Lett-Lopi in black and dark blue.

Here is my sock yarn! Boy are my tooties going to be warm this coming winter.

And eventhough you cannot see the colors well( I am sorry about that) this Lopi yarn will make a great hat and scarf for a good friend this winter.

I also bought to skeins of wool for a co-worker and I almost came home with some major chunky yarn, but remember I am on a yarn diet. Of course all the goodies that I ate in Iceland might actually get me to go low carb again....NOT

In the days since I have been back I have been working hard on the Debbie Bliss baby cardigan that should have been finished before I left, while recoveing from a horrible head cold. So in the past two days I have finished all but one sleeve and my hand is hurting because of it. It feels great in my hands though, I just love working with Debbie Bliss' baby cashmerino. Can't wait to finish it and show it off to everyone.


Nancy said...

Man, you gave up the goods too quick. I'm going to make everyone suffer until the end of the week.

I'm a bit concerned about my first post, it's been publishing for the past 10 minutes.

Ingileif said...

Yeah, just get the Lopi out of the way ;)

AngeliasKnitting said...

Man! I've been thinking that I want to try Lopi for felted bags - if only I'd known that there's a factory outlet!

I'm wondering why you & Nancy didn't take an empty suitcase or something?

sininen said...

We have a small group from central massachusetts flying to Iceland to visit the Lopi factory in Alafoss.
We will fly out of Boston on March 13 and return on the 16.
There are still a few seats available but the deadline for registering is february 15.
If you are interested,please contact me ASAP in my e-mail address