Friday, April 21, 2006

Meet the Boy Rag Doll ----- Ethan

Hello All !!!

Before I start my entries on my amazing trip to Iceland over the Easter week, I have to introduce everyone to the boy rag doll that was a present for a beautiful baby girl.
This is Ethan.

After two months of constant knitting and shaping, my handsome friend here was complete and cute. The hardest part of the whole thing was the hair, almost one whole skein of Dale of Norway Baby Ull was used on this little boy's head.

Baby Ethan here went to Iceland over the past week and was presented as a gift to an absolutely precious and adorable little girl called Asthildur Emma.

Ethan came complete with a wardrobe and he will get new outfits as well for future occasions.
Here is a nudie shot of the boy rag doll, I am not trying to be scandalous or anything, but I just wanted everyone to see how the doll looks without his clothes. If anyone wants to do this doll, I would highly recommend it. It taught me how to turn a heel, seaming and how to seam in elastic and how to actually make a sweater with some instarsia.

Here is Nancy's doll for Asthildur. All dressed up in lilac and purple. And the baby has a matching Anouk dress in the same colors.

Here she is .... the precious daughter of Ingileif and Linda.. Asthildur Emma !!!! This picture cannot in any way due justice to the beauty that is this little girl. So loving and warm, her smiles along can melt you. In the days that we were in Iceland I had the priviledge of playing with Asthildur, and she can keep you smiling for hours.

You will see more pictures of Asthildur and her beautiful country over the next few days. I have to organize the pictures and make that I have all the right names for all the places.

I want to thank Ingileif, Linda, Jolee and Asthildur for an amazing time in Iceland. They opened their homes to me and of course to Nancy and Avery. They spoiled us rotten while we were over there and never hesitated to make our trip even more special.


Ingileif said...

We want to thank you for an amazing visit. It was so sweet to see you with Ásthildur Emma, playing, talking and entertaining. :) Ethan is so beautiful and thank you so much for giving your "little boy" to our little girl.
Hugs and kisses,
Ingileif, Linda and Ásthildur Emma.

Nancy said...

damn naked doll pictures, girl have you no shame...

Rachel said...

I am glad to hear that you and Nancy had a wonderful time. thanks for sharing your kinky pics of Ethan, if ever Caesar and i break up I know who i'm going after "Ethan" lol! he is a cutie. You and Nancy did a wonderful job on those dolls... can't wait to see the future clothing line for them.. :)
Keep up the crafty work you guys
much love ray

AngeliasKnitting said...

Welcome back!!

Love the dolls!! They are too cute!

I can't wait to see your Iceland pictures, too. Oh! And do you have some mystery bags to show us, too??