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  • Here is what I know to be fact:
  • This beautiful flag is over 100 years old, created in 1895 as part of the new revolution to gain independence from Spain.
  • The flag became the national symbol for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico in 1952.
  • Red Stripes for the three branches of government.
  • White Stripes for liberty and rights kept in balance by the legislature.
  • Blue Triangle for "republican" representation of government in the three branches.
  • White Star is the symbol for the Commonwealth.
Over the years the flags meaning has changed from the spirit of revolution for independence from Spain to the similarity in color hues to the flag of the US in the tradition of "Old Glory" as Puerto Rico became property of the US as a Commonwealth.

Here is what I know from my heart.

  • This flag is a symbol of my parents and island from where they came.
  • I adore and cherish its history and power.
  • I do not need t-shirts or hats to prove that I am Boricua
  • I do not go to parade yearly to prove that I am a proud Puerto Rican woman. I carry myself every day the way my mami taught me ... a strong and smart woman.
  • It angers me when my "people" choose to be ignorant and stereotypical
  • I know my history
  • I know my language
  • I know my music and food
but don't get it twisted ... YO SOY BORICUA ... PA QUE LO SEPA !

So every year we celebrate in NYC by having the largest parade. The National Puerto Rican Day Parade is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and I will be there. There are times when I just get that urge, the need to be part of the celebration, to be loud and proud.
Yes it has had its controveries, and too many floats and too many dancers shaking their booties up 5th avenue and too many just being crazy.
But there is nothing better than seeing a proud parent with their child waving the flag, a old timer jibaro in his guayabera and straw hat still dancing and singing. The music and the pagentry... but its worth it, for as loud and crazy as it can be, and for the panic on the faces of the money makers on 5th avenue and for the chance to scream at the top of my lungs with mami


Yo sé lo que son los encantos
de mi borinquen hermosa
por eso la quiero yo tanto
por siempre la llamaré Preciosa
yo sé de sus hembras trigueñas
sé del olor de sus rosas
por eso a mi tierra riqueña
por siempre la llamaré Preciosa...

porque ahora es que comprendo
porque ahora es que comprendo
que aunque pase lo que pase
yo seré puertoriqueño
yo seré puertoriqueño
por donde quiera que ande, ooohhh
por que lo llevo en la sangre
por herencia de mis padres
y con orgullo repito
yo te quiero Puerto Rico
yo te quiero Puerto Rico

I know what's enchanting
about my beautiful Borinquen
That's why I love her so much
And I'll always call her Precious

I know about her dark-skinned women
I know about the smell of her roses
That's why to my rich country
I'll always call her Precious

Because it's now that I understand
Because it's now that I understand
that regardless of what happens
I will always be Puerto Rican
I will always be Puerto Rican
Because wherever I walk, oooohhhh
Because I carry it in my blood
Because of my parent's heritage
And with pride I repeat
I love you Puerto Rico
I love you Puerto Rico

.... Precisosa by Marc Anthony

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