Tuesday, June 12, 2007

One Drunken Hedera and an Orphan

So they are finished...finally

I revived up my sock knitting skills and finally finished my pair of Hedera socks. The first one was a piece of cake...chocolate cake (my favorite). Like any simple lace pattern, it was easy to memorized and then I was good to go. Until I hit the wall, the dreaded second sock syndrome wall. It was a shock to me, I love making lacy socks and now that I have found a grafting technique that is easy to do, I have no issues...yeah right.
It took me a bit of time but they were finished this weekend. The last home stretch was made at Nancy's house sitting on her deck as her hubby grilled some turkey burgers. But the one main lesson to be learned here was the fact that Coronas and Lace do not go well together. I realized as I was almost to the last three rounds of the pattern that I had ignored the last 9 sts in the pattern. So with some discreet ktog and some psso I was able to fix the boo boo and it is barely visible. Heck the socks are mine and no one is going to be able to see the sock that low near my toes.

As part of this years resolution I did use up some of my sock stash. This is Knit Picks Essential Sock Yarn in the Cocoa colorway.

Even though it looks good, I think this yarn is better for a rib or just plain st st, I wasn't thrilled with the way the lace sts hold up. I have started a new pair of stocks as well as the famous Baby Kimono, but that will come later.

So I have become a little Etsy obsessed. All I really try to do these days is just look and drool, but I broke down bought something. Now before you all say that I was not supposed to buy any yarn, this is sock yarn and it was an orphan. It seems that the original intended buyer never came through, so I was able to get this yarn for a steal.

The yarn was hand dyed by WhiteWillow on Etsy and its in the Lichen colorway. It is 440 yards of merino wool for only $10.00. Now you see why I had to adopt it and give it a good home. The colors are deeper than they look here but I used the natural light on my fire escape instead of my apt.
I have also been looking around for someones birthday gift. I wonder what I might find...hmmm


Harlem Purl said...

I love how your Hedera's came out and I kinda like the way the lace looks in that color. Etsy is kinda like crafty crack isn't it?

Nancy said...

I like the hederas wish I had made some pretty lacy socks:(

So whadja get me, whadja get me, whadja get me!?!?!

AngeliasKnitting said...

I love your socks.

You are a great woman, taking in orphans! :-)