Monday, June 25, 2007

I stubbed my toe...again

Those who know me well know that I am a natural born klutz, I can see the something clearly and then still crash into it.
So when I decided to try toe up socks my biggest concern was the short rows. I have not had much luck with them . So after much boo hooing and complaining I broke down and tried them. The toe was easier than I thought and then the foot was cool. With help from some great knitters I did the short rows and the heel was working well. But...that is where it ends.
No matter how much measuring I did and fitting and refitting, this sock does not look or feel right to me.


I did not like the heel .. even after the third time working the short rows and the heel flap. I was not happy with the fit and the look of the cuff at all.

I would like to thank the ladies who gave me all their wisdom and attention this weekend with this sock....Ann(you were so right), Nancy and Chante.
I would like to thank the makers of Koigu for giving me the only pleasure while making this sock.
I would like to thank my booksellers who just listen to me vent and bitch about this sock today at work.
And I would like to tell the knitting gods that someday I will try toe up socks again, but until then give me a cuff first...anytime.


ann said...

thanks for all that great cooking Maribel - I am still full! it was great seeing you as always - glad I saved you from that damn short row heel!

Nancy said...

LOL you make me feel much better about my whole toe up experience...

Harlem Purl said...

Say it aint so. Please let me know next time you try toe up so we can work on a heel flap instead of those pesky short rows. As a matter of fact, I'm on a mission to find you the most perfectest toe up sock pattern, K?

ann said...

Maribel, if you don't look directly into Chante's eyes, you will be able to resist the toe up urge. STAY STRONG!!

Kathleen said...

can an afterthought heel be done on a toe up sock. i am all about cuff down though. if it ain't broke--why fix it?
Marisol...totally my sister's fault. It's her new friend whom she blew us off for. I do have issues. ;)