Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Orleans...part 3

One of the best parts of my trip to New Orleans is hanging out with my friend Cindy and her family. Even though Cindy now lives in North Carolina, she travels to her family in New Orleans. This amazing lady is Dot..or Grandma to everyone else. Dot has officially renamed me Caramel and I love it...but she is the only one who can call me that.
At 85 and standing strong, Dot is still independent as she is the matriarch of the family and it is beautiful to see how everyone rallies around her.
The whole family welcomed me to the city...and that is a big family.

Cindy made every effort to make the city come alive for me. From taking to the Garden District and showing me all the beautiful homes to all the parts which are still struggling years after Hurricane Katrina.
It is amazing to think of the hardship that everyone is still dealing with on the daily basis. Even in the oldest areas, the old "money", the homes are not the same. There is that feeling of total frustration and fear of flooding happening again.

There is an underlying amount of love and warmth in this city but it is still clouded with fear and uncertainty.

My last night in New Orleans was all about Bourbon Street. Starting with an amazing dinner to too many margaritas and lots & lots of dancing. Cindy and I had a fantastic time strutting our butts down Bourbon Street..and we were not the only ones.

Lets just say...what happens on Bourbon Street stays on Bourbon Street.

Brunch of course was at Brennan's ... Bananas Foster enough said..( which was created by Cindy's husbands grandfather) .

All I know is that I have to back to New Orleans. The beautiful and lovely people, they were helpful and grateful for all the visitors and on top of all that...the are still so proud of their home.

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Nancy said...

I'd go for Bananas Foster alone, there are no nuts in are there?