Monday, May 07, 2007

Im back.

Hello everyone.

I am back from the Big Easy....

Just a little hung over and sunburned from Jazz Fest. I had a great time and I will blog about it sometime this week.

For now just to show that there is still knitting in my is the Hedera Sock from that I am working on.
I did take the sock with me to New Orleans but I had to take the sock off my circular needle and put it on dpns. What a sock shock to my system, it slowed me down so much. I didn't continue after two rounds.
I put them back on my circular needle this morning to continue with my magic loop love fest.

Still knitting from my stash, this is yarn is from Knit Picks.
I did have a little yarn diet detour in New Orleans...but yarn bought on vacation is allowed.

More to come.


Harlem Purl said...

Down with dpns & up with magic loop

Nancy said...

You gotta have souvenir yarn what would be the point of traveling without it;)