Sunday, May 13, 2007

I love New Orleans ... Part 2

The four days that I spent New Orleans were just enough and then again not nearly enough time to enjoy this wonderful city. I spent the first day on my own walking around the French Quarter but then on Friday I met up with Cindy.

Cindy flew in to Baton Rouge from North Carolina and she drove to meet up with me. The skies decided to open up and let the rain come down. I have never seen rain like that in my life, but we were not letting that stop us at all. We headed to the Central Market to have my first muffaletta... yes I did try all the food that was to be had.
I had to make a stop at the oldest voodoo shop in the Quarter...weird for a good Catholic girl like me.

Of course I would choose to go to NOLA during Jazz Fest. Since it rained on Friday, the festival was packed on Saturday and the heat was amazing. I have never felt that kind of heat in such a short period of time and I am still dealing with the sunburn a week later. Cindy wanted me to get the full Jazz Fest experience from all the food to the Southern Comfort hurricanes, but when the sun decided to beam on me and her daughter Kaitlin, we decided that it was time to go. The event was amazing and the people plan there year around this week long festival.

The beauty of the city was enhanced for me when Cindy drove me around the town. All the plantation style homes, the oldest homes in Louisiana and of course Anne Rice's home which is beautiful and now it belongs to the city again. The St. Charles trolley is not running yet which was so disappointing. Cindy took me to some of the oldest parts of the city, along with seeing Tulane and Loyola Universities.
The hardest parts of the city to see where those that were still dealing with the after effects of Hurricane Katrina. I can't even express the how hard it was to see those homes with water lines where the water settled, and those 'x' marks made by the rescue teams. The canals that overflowed and the walls that broke. The water had no where to go...I can't even imagine living and trying to survive those days.

So of course I had to make the effort to find a yarn store in New Orleans. The one I ended up going to was not the one I was looking for but it was quick find and on the corner of Jackson Square. The ladies at the Visitor's Center wasn't surprised when I told her I was looking for a knitting store....hmmm

I found this sweet store called The Quarter Stitch. Now this a new store and they specialize in needlepoint and they have a lot of novelty yarns but they had the one thing that made me stop and shop...KOIGU.
So I found myself some of the coolest purple sock yarn but this is how they wrapped the yarn.


The ladies at the shop were hilarious, telling me stories of working at the New Orleans Zoo and their amazing gorillas.

Part 3 in a few days.

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Nancy said...

Dude we all know who you went to the Voodoo store for. Don't worry;)

I could never open the damn yarn. The packaging is way too pretty.