Saturday, May 26, 2007

The little things

So there is this tagging thing going on these days...sharing about share 7 to 8 things about yourself and then sending it to other people and so on. So I will do the random things about myself but I really don't have that many people to tag ... so I am flying solo.

1. Something that took me awhile to realize is that I am the youngest of nine kids, not 5 as I grew up with. I have four brothers on my mom side who I grew up with and then there are the kids my dad had a long long time before I came around. Those other siblings weren't a part of my life. My dad didn't make the effort to have us know each other, so my new found connection with another brother and sister did not happen until my dad's passing.

2. I secretly have always wanted to be a backup singer. One of those standing behind a mic stand doing the ohhs and ahhs. Just enjoying the singing and the touring but the one problem is that I cannot sing. One chance to sing backup for a salsa band is all I need ... lol

3. Remember all those Freddy films and Chucky movies, those infamous horror films that came out in the 80's and 90's ... haven't seen any of them and I never will.

4. Someday I will get on that hot air balloon. Almost did it in San Diego but my mom would have had a heart attack if I went up in the air.

5. In my closet I still have my Donny and Marie dolls. There were a Christmas gift and they are still in good condition. I loved watching the Donny and Marie shows and all those variety shows in the 1970's. My Donny doll was heavily involved with my Barbie doll for a bit there.

6. It is ironic that out of most of my friends I am the one who is still single and with no kids. Trust me is not from wanting or the looking for 'mr right' but I was always the one who was domestic and should have been settled down by now.


8. I was once totally obsessed Montgomery Clift and I even found the brownstone that he lived at in 60's. I still have issues with his friendship with Liz Taylor.

See I am just a simple, good girl from the Bronx.


Nancy said...

Dude what about Tuesday Taylor and her medieval outfit!

Harlem Purl said...

I'm in love with PB&J too. My son's hooked also.