Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I am starting to un-Ravel

So I survived Boston even with every single Red Soxs fan following me around the city. Getting in and out of my hotel room was rough with all those people but all I had to do was flash my Bronx t-shirt and they all ran away.

News on my trip later except for the yarn crawl. Of course going to a new city means new yarn stores. I found three stores within the city limits and since they were within our paths along the city, it didn't take too much to convince my friend Heather to just simply go by the stores.

I really did not need to buy any more yarn at this moment, I am trying to be good until Rhinebeck, but yarn purchased on vacations doesn't count.

I was not fond of the two fancy stores on Newbury Street. I am not going to shop in any store where I don't even get a hello when I walk in, overpriced because of the address and then when the store is full of more needlepoint stuff than good yarn ... I walk out empty handed.

After our tour of Harvard and having some coffee I saw a geeky looking guy with two bags. One full of comic books and the other with yarn...shame he was just too geeky for me. I scared him in the coffee shop when I asked him where did he get the yarn, and after five minutes of confusing directions I was headed to Woolcott & Co. Three blocks from Harvard Square the place was nice. The young girls working on socks in the store were friendly and since they knew that I really was in my element they just smiled, offered help and kept knitting. Most of the stuff in the store was familiar and lovely. I just picked up two balls of Regia Silk which I haven't had the pleasure of knitting with yet and some bamboo circular needles which are plane and Magic Loop friendly.

I promised pictures of the infamous ( they took me forever ) Koigu Groovy Socks. I am not totally thrilled with them but they are not going to be unraveled again. I will wear them proudly and as a reminder of my short row heel hardship.

Then in the continuing baby gifts saga I had decided that I was going to make the Anouk from Knitty.com, I had all the yarn stash colors picked out and I starting knitting immediately. I finished the whole back piece in three days.

Doesn't it look good so far. Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in coral and red...so pretty.

After ... love that ball winder.

I just wasn't happy with the piece I had completed and how it was going to hang. I knew that the gift would be loved, but at this point in my knitting skill I could be better. So I unraveled it and it didn't hurt. That is the true sign for me, if it doesn't hurt as you take it apart then it needs to be redone. I found a new pattern in a Vogue baby book and it will be a simple jumper in the same fabulous colors.

Oh by the way... RAVELRY has called upon me to join the other lovers of the knit and stitch. I have answered the call and give me a few days to get all my stuff rolling and pretty.

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Nancy said...

damn I was liking anouk there for a second. You're right though if it didn't hurt then it was the right thing to do.

Welcome to ravelry another great time suck!