Saturday, August 04, 2007

Goodies... heat and all

So if you live in NYC there is nothing worse that the heat at the moment. It seems that August decided to come in with a major heat wave. Now I expect it to happen since it is the summer and all, but damn.

You know its bad when I did no knitting at home unless my portable air conditioner was sitting right in front of me or only at work in the cold a.c. So for this reason I have yet to finish my first koigu "groovy" socks. I am close and hopefully I will have them done by tomorrow night and ready to share with everyone.

But I have been able to finish a baby ensemble for a co-worker, it is so adorable. These are the times I wish I had a baby of my own to knit for....but until then, someone else gets my knitted goodies.

Now .. what happens when you just take some time to browse through Etsy. Another beautiful purchase from White Oak Studios.
I am of big fans of two televsion shows with the initals GG. One the Golden Girls and the second being the Gilmore Girls. I am still in mourning for the loss of the Gilmore Girls this past June.
So when I was on Etsy, I took a look at this vendors site again and there was her sock yarn in the Gilmore Girls colorway. She has a whole line of tv inspired colorways. I had bought the Buffy the Vampire Slayer for Nancy for her birthday.

Isn't it just perfect. It has the brown for all their coffee consumption and the best blue for the color of their eyes and of course girlie pink.
This yarn is going to make me an amazing pair of socks. I was recommended to do the RPM's from

One of the benefits of being a knitter is when you are lucky enough to get goodies from someones family. One of my dearest friends Jeff lost a family member and I was lucky to get all her knitting and crocheting stash. I was blessed to receive yarn which I shared with my knitting group. Needles and markers and holders, most of which ended up in my knitting cube and again I shared the wealth. I kept the booklets and some amazing lace weight yarn with no labels. The best part is this bag with embroidered stitching saying "Knitting is my Bag".. its adorable and all mine now.

Thank you Jeff, Wayne and Maria for all my new goodies.

So for now I am still in baby clothes making mode, I am still using up some yarn stash to make a jumper and some baby bibs. The petal bib from One Skein Knitting is so much fun to make and so easy and quick. I made one in less than two hours this morning.

And as a PSA ... if anyone need to recover from any illness or needs some TLC ... I highly recommend Nancy's house. I was so under the weather last weekend and Nancy took care of me for the day. It meant the world to me and its what I really needed.

Ciao Ciao

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Nancy said...

Glad to be of service!

I can't even knit it's so damn hot:(