Sunday, August 26, 2007

Boston ... not too bad

Last weekend I went to Boston with my friend Heather to see what the excitement is ... and I did enjoy my time there and the city's beauty and history.

It was a lot smaller than I expected and walking is a must for everything, and since I do so much of it here in NYC it was a piece of cake...chocolate layered brownie cake.

Of course we did everything from the Duck tours to the cemetery walk as part of the Freedom Trail.

Sam Adams ... Paul Revere and John Hancock are the highlights.

the Boston harbor

The student tour at Harvard... but is this really him?

Such a pretty campus...Rory would have loved it.

Nothing like a Grecian goddess hanging out at the Fine Arts Museum, she looked lonely.

Ben Franklin was really into pyramids... its all about the symbols in this cemetery.

Maybe he wants to date the Grecian lady, a Cleopatra - Anthony thing only in reverse.

Public gardens for the walking

and a lake for the swans a swimming.

Outside the museum, he is crying for the love of the Grecian goddess... talk about a historical romance novel.

So pretty at night.

Hey Heather ... wanna get some more ice cream?

Washington was waiting for us to come by for a stroll.

Trinity Church .. wow

Quincy Market night

So this is how he plans his newest brew. Samuel Adams was a shorty who would have been proofed at any pub.

And a Renoir ...enough said.


Gnat said...

Beautiful pictures. I've always wanted to go to Boston. It's on my list of cities I want to visit. :)

I'm also a big fan of Renior. I love that painting.

Glad you had a great trip.

Nancy said...

Nice shots. looks like you and Heather had a great time!

Anonymous said...

its nice to see boston thru visitor's eyes. it is a lovely city..boricua from south of boston
did you get to the Isabella Gardner Musuem?

joanna said...

hi Belle,
I'm glad you had a good time in Boston, I came across your blog on Ravelry (my new addiction). I'm a Boston girl, and always am curious about what people think when they visit. My Dad is from Brooklyn originally, but I hav'nt visisted NYC in a couple of years. Best wishes from Boston, even though your're a Yankees fan, and kicked our ass last weekend