Thursday, November 23, 2006

My Thanksgiving Day.... Im Pooped

Happy Thanksgiving to all !!!

Time for rest for all.

Today like millions of people in this country my family and friends celebrated Thanksgiving Day. There are many of us that are scattered all over this city and we don't get to see each other often. So Thanksgiving Day is our family day. For years it was New Years Eve but it has moved earlier and earlier in the past few years.

It was my turn... to be the one to get the turkey together. Well my mom and I shared the turkey duty. I have been watching her for years, I know the routine like I know how to knit and purl. But my mom is my mom and she has to step in... so the turkey was 75% me and 25% her. I must say so myself... my turkey was fabulous. The pernil ( roast pork shoulder) was perfect and of course the rest of the food.

This was our table before the hungry masses attacked it.

And this is after !
I was pushed and shoved as I carved the big bird.

I am so Thankful for my family and friends.
They are so deverse and amazing ... through the good times and bad... we are always there for each other.
The family had a great time and we all had a blast. We joked laughed and had a few too many drinks. There are pictures of family members dancing in a black short bob wig... but those are for those important blackmail moments.

Of course no party would be complete without my best friends. Nancy has been a permanent fixture in my home for the past 26 years and I get pushed aside when she comes in. Now everyone is in awe of her beautiful family.
Mark has been around for 15 years and besides the fact that my mom askes for him and if he is coming ... he comes for the food... he also makes me sit down and eat since I spend most of the time making sure everyone is fed and happy... its the hostess in me. I feel the love ...

So now its time for some rest... and I actually have tomorrow off... can we all say sleep and knit.
My crazy holiday season starts this weekend and you all can find me at register #10 at my store or making sure all the new stock hits the sales floor.

Have a great weekend


Ingileif said...

Wow! Man! Those are some hungry people! ;)

Nancy said...

Can I just say that I only had one glass of wine? I look like a finished off a few bottles by myself!

I had a fantastic time as always. Even my mother in law was in awe of all the love and fun your family shows each other.

ann said...

it looks delicious!

kathleen said...

love the before and after picture!!