Sunday, November 19, 2006

A blog without pictures....oh damn

Hello All

So what is a blog about knitting without knitting pictures?

A journal entry without the goodies.

I don't know whether it is the blogger system today or my computer ( chances its my older computer ) but I cannot get the pictures to upload.

Lately I have been busy getting my store ready for the holiday rush and working to hire up some extra holiday help. I have been doing retail for a long long time and I really don't get a chance to enjoy the holiday season as much as I did when I was a kid. I do enjoy Thanksgiving Day and the whole family coming to my moms and this year she will have a surprise ( don't tell her but my nephew is flying up from Florida to surprise her -- don't worry, my mom doesn't read my blog )
Since most of the kids in the family under the age of five are in Florida except for my niece Nyrie there isn't the big hoopla for the kids, the tons of gifts and me having to wrap them all. Everything is quiet and simple but I do go to Nancy's house Christmas Eve, its our tradition. We do our thing with her boys and just hang out for the evening. I am usually exhausted by the end of the night and they are rolling me off the couch so I can get home. Maybe someday if and when I have my own family I will create my traditions.

I have to at some point sit down and write a gift list. Except for the few goodies that I am knitting, I have no clue what to buy my family and friends. Yesterday I hung out with my friend Heather to go shopping finally. Heather got some gifts and I bought myself three DVD's and CD's, a pair of pants and a top. Don't judge ... I need some spoiling too.

As for the knitting goodies they are coming along. I have become a Magic Loop guru. I have finished two pair of wool thick socks to wear at home ( see the nice pictures.. love the color).
I just finished a cap using my BrooksFarm Four Ply that I bought at Rhinebeck ( love the way it stripes.. don't you agree ) and I am starting the famous Odessa today and another hat set using the Lopi I bought in Iceland for Mark...of course in blue and black.
The major project is the cardigan for my mami, the back is almost done and then it will be the my best friend for the next month.

How is everyone doing on their gifts this season?

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Harlem Purl said...

Ummmm, becaus eof last years Xmas knitting fiasco, I have chosen to not knit any gifts this year.

But thanks to you and your "One Skein Wonder" book, I am seriously rethinking this plan.