Friday, October 27, 2006

Rhinebeck Roadtrip

Overnight stay at the Best Western in Poughkeepsie and a new job as a doorlady ...$65.00

Assorted Brooks Farm and Spirit Trail and other goodies yarn haul ...$165.00

Apple Crisp ala mode .... $5.00

Riding in the mini van with Nancy, Katy and Sue .... PRICELESS

This past weekend was the infamous Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival. It was my first time at any sort of wool extravaganza and let me say it was a little overwhelming at times. The amount of wool, roving, fleece and handspun was wild.
I had the absolute pleasure of riding up to the festival with the best bud Nancy and of course Katy and her mom Sue.
We all had our budgets planned and a plan of action... sock yarn first and then the rest of the fair. Of course all the Socks that Rock was gone in 2.5 seconds when the doors open but I was very happy with my Spirit Trail and a good deal on Lorna Laces and Koigu.

I am simply in love with my Brooks Farm haul and some people in my life will have some great gifts this holiday season.

Overall the festival was fun, I don't know how often I will return and I did hear that it was not as exciting as last year and it is getting as crowded as Maryland...It was amazing to see so many lovers of our craft in one location.

I had a ball joking around and handing out with Sue and Katy. It was the first time that I have met them, and they made the long ride on I-9 so much fun.... silver diners, subaru dealerships and FDR will never be the same again.

At the blogger meet up I was able to see some familiar faces again, and I met some new friends. It was like a knitting fashion show and high school reunion all in one. Who would believe that fried articokes could cause such havoc or people hiding to eat fried dough in private would be so scandalous.

So I have finished my first Magic Loop sock, its a worsted weight winter sock.. and it does knit up fast. Lets see how much I like it when I am working on #1 needles. But it will be great when I have to do all those hats next week.


Harlem Purl said...

I knew I should have stood on the fried artichke line. If there are a ton of people standing on a line you know it must be for something good.

Nancy said...

Dudette, I told you Katy and her mom rocked. Of course spending time with your best friend sans hubby and children is also priceless. Thanks for going with me (and taking care of me in my sickened state)!

...and you are an excellent doorlady...

ann said...

I wasn't hiding! I was eating my fried dough in public. Just away from everyone who would have wanted a taste!

Frig that. Get yer own!

Kathleen said...

You are an excellent door lady...and the last nudie shot was the best. I had such a great time with the two of can be hard hanging with people who have been friends as long as you and Nancy...but I/we felt quite comfortable. :)

Harlem Purl said...


I forgot the name of that yarn you was using last night for that hat. When you get a chance can you email me with that info. Thanks.