Saturday, October 07, 2006

A Summer top...Just a little late

So I finally finsihed it... just a little late. Here is the summer tank top from the Sexy Knits Book that was released this summer. I had started this in late June for a co worker Denise. She loved the pattern and asked me to put it together.

Something that could have been done in a month or so took me three
Something that I could have done on circular needles, I did on straights
And this Summer tank top 2006 will be worn Spring 2007.... Oh well

After Denise understood that I would not have the top ready for the end of the summer she was happy when I was finally done when it was handed over to her.

I was so happy to finally see it put together and looking like a top. Its the first adult top that I have put together that worked. It looks like something wearable, and pretty.

The ruffle edge was the hardest part, and the most tiring thing to do. I was up putting it together until 3 in the morning finishing that edge and then casting off those 400+ stitches. Cascade Fixation was a lot easier to work with than I thought even with the elastic in it. And completed piece is a little heavier than I had imagined, but most important thing to me was that IT FIT PERFECTLY !!!

Here is the pretty Denise modeling the tank top for me and it fit her perfectly. I was so worried since the top has a stretch to it.

And the back looks good too.

I am so proud of me ...


Nancy said...


I'm proud of you too;)

Anonymous said...

The top looks great!

Nicely done.

AngeliasKnitting said...

Very nice - I'm so proud of you, too! :-) I have yet to try knitting clothing...

Harlem Purl said...

That top looks great. (And I got to see it in person).

Are we planning on joining socktoberfest?

Ingileif said...

Very nice!!! :)