Friday, August 04, 2006

Finally ..

If no one has noticed ....

The past couple of days have been impossible to believe here in NYC. The 101+ degrees have been unbearible and for those of us who HATE such weather it has been horrible. My poor mami has been home for the past 4 days, but I didn't want her out in that weather at her age.

Finally today the weather has broken and things are better but still warm but the humidity is down.
And after all this heat I am heading to Lakeland, Florida on Sunday.
Everyone knows that I have known Nancy for over 25 years, but in Florida lives Frances and her beautiful family and I have also known her for over 25 years. We were next door neighbors and we actually met when we did our Holy Communion. Frances is married to a hunky man and has three handsome boys and a beautiful little girl. So on Sunday I am flying to Tampa and spending the week down there floating in her

I still have that sexy tank top on the needles and stupid me I should have down the project in the round. The front has a lot of shaping for the bust and I thought it would be hard in the round but I was wrong, I could have done it that way. So the piece will go to Florida with me and I want to have it done by the mid of the month... it is a summer top.

This is Carmen... I made her the striped bikini for the Gay Pride Parade in June. I hounded her for picture and she finally brought it to work. I didn't make her put on the bottom in front of the staff but she did put on the top.
I do see where I could have adjusted the some areas on the top piece but I had to do it quickly. She was happy with it and the colors look great on her.

I hope that everyone is having a great summer.

See you all when I get back from Florida...



Nancy said...

Carmen looks great in the bikini top. Nice work dude.

I hate you by the way for the whole hanging out at the pool thing...

I like Frances too, I could float in her pool;)

ingileif said...

Have a great chillin' trip!! :D

ann said...

she looks great!

AngeliasKnitting said...

Maribel!! Where are you??? Are you back from Florida yet????