Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Where I spent my winter vacation !

So I hear that people have been looking for me. A little upset that I have not blogged in some time.
Have I been missed?

I have been spending my winter in the best place I know. There is this small little hotel on Mosholu Pkwy that connects easily to public transportation, near some restaurants and a private bath.
The great thing about this place.. and I do believe that more hotels should provide this service...there was a big yarn stash and lots of books and needles to knit with... I was amazed .. I slept with the owner.
Don't worry everyone.. I am back, rested and feeling bloggerish ( is that a word ) and I actually have some goodies to show everyone soon.

So what is the gossip? Anyone sharing knitting needles behind others backs? I don't want to know of anyone raiding others stash without them knowing, that would be just too much to handle. Any dirty knitting tricks I missed.

Please forgive me ... I have missed you all.


Nancy said...

It's weird Bloglines didn't tell me you updated. I just checked today by chance.

ann said...

what???? I think the big gossip is you were on vacation sleeping with motel owners! details please!!