Thursday, March 15, 2007

Holden ...Oh Holden

So in the past couple of months, I have completed a few projects. A sock here or there, a hat here or there and a few quick scaves for gifts. But here is the biggest accomplishment of the year.

May I introduce you to the most handsome dog on the Upper East Side .... HOLDEN !!!

Holden is owned by Catherine, a bookseller at my store. She had been talking about how cold it has been and how cold her dog Holden would get. Holden is a picky doggie and so spoiled... he is extremely fond of Godiva stuffed bears. But he does not like anything heavy against his skin.
So I offered a handknit doggie sweater.

By the end of the night I found this pattern in the new book Men Who Knit and the Dogs Who Loved Them.
We chose the ever faithful Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky in black and walnut instead of the Lorna's Laces ( seriously ... merino wool and silk for a dog sweater ) and within a few days I was working on this extremely simple sweater.

So Holden no longer shivers during his walks in Central Park and he is getting hit on by all the poodles in Central Park ( those bitches ).

I am quite proud of my first dog sweater...


ann said...

I come here for the follow up to yesterday's teaser and all I get is dog sweaters? I don't care how good looking the dog or the sweater (and both very by the way)how about some of that motel action you hinted at???

Nancy said...

Holden is very handsome. The sweaters kind of nice too;)

katy said...

Alright, Ann is a total spazz and really thinks this crazy dream sequence is true. Please set her straight Maribel! Please.

And cute dog. The sweater does rock.

Kellie said...

Fab sweater! He looks quite the dog about town in that handsome number!

Elinor said...

Wow, that looks totally cool! And he looks like a dog that could use some extra warmth. Good yarn swap though - I wouldn't buy LL for a sweater for me, much less one for my dog. You know that's the yarn co. trying to pimp large projects with their stuff.

CrazyFiberLady said...

Happy Birthday!