Saturday, February 18, 2006

It's my blog ...and I will bring you to your knees if I want to !!

Okay so this entry has nothing and I will say it again nothing to do with knitting or any fiber craft.
After work today I had plans with one of my best friends. In this blog you will get to know that I have some of the best friends in the world. Some local and one in Lakeland, Florida :-)

Today was dinner with Mark .. the poet in my life. I have known Mark for over 14 years and he has been a rock in my life in so many ways. So it was dinner at a Peruvian place and a movie.
It was freezing today, and the wind was whippin' my butt like I was a naughty girl.
So on the way to the movie, we stopped at Radio Shack. You see Mark needs perfect sound and enough bass to move an elephant.
We walked by this window of a massage place with this horrible video in the window of someone getting a massage. Some people should not be wearing pink and purple latex in high definition on First Avenue.
I mentioned to him that I had a full body massage about two weeks ago. I wonderful birthday gift from Nan last year ( she knows me so well).

He asked in a shocked voice " you let someone put their hands all over you". I said yeah and dammit someone should put their hands on me! ... DID I MENTION I AM SINGLE !!!

Mark .. my friend my poetic hero fell to his knees !!! Everyone at Radio Shack started to laugh.
I had him on his knees ... go figure at Radio Shack. But all this because he was shocked that I would say that to him.

After all these years he was shock and surprised..but thats one of the reasons I love him so....


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AngeliasKnitting said...

Hehe! It's good to shake 'em up every once in a while! I'm jealous about that massage, though!