Saturday, February 11, 2006

Hello Everyone ... I am finally here! Don't be too shocked, all the hints and all the pushing worked.
So instead of being in my small apartment watching the snow starting to fall and working on some much needed knitting, I am sitting on Nancy's couch watching her put my brand new blog together. Hey that's what best friends are for.
So why the blog, well to quote the champion of blogging herself, the Yarn Harlot herself. Simple its pure jealously and envy. Don't we all need new friends and new ways of expressing ourselves. Of course there is that closet writer in me and until I write that amazing Hispanic novel or get discovered as the chubbier petite plus size model, I am doing this and I hope that everyone continues this ride with me.

1 comment:

AngeliasKnitting said...

LOL! I'll be watching for that novel...and the modelling jobs! :-)

Hanging out with your best friend, working on your very own blog sounds like a great way to ride out this storm!

( I get a present or something for being the 1st commenter? Maybe you can list me in The Knitting Cube Hall of Fame or something?)

Anyway. Welcome!!!! Now I won't have to wait for Nancy to show your knitted stuff. I've bookmarked your blog. Enjoy the weekend!!