Tuesday, July 01, 2008

the Pink Lady ...

Lately I have been growing found of wearing a color which has not been really a part of my wardrobe since my mom was dressing me.... PINK

Not a crazy fuchsia, like the jacket my mom got me when I was a teen but nice light pinks which seem to complement my skin color, and since its the summer time I figured its a nice change of pace for me. But no where in the contract that I signed in my new admiration of the fair color did I sign on to getting the evil PINK EYE. I had been extremely lucky in my life to have never ever gotten infected with this nasty stuff, but yesterday I woke up with one eye bothering me and the other not too far behind. Yes! you do have it said the nice doctor said when I walked into his office and as he gave me prescription for the most expensive eye drops I have ever bought.

This morning I woke up with the such nasty stuff on my eyes and to top them off they were puffy and really red. You would have thought I was locked in a room all night smoking with Snoop Dogg.... and thats considering I have never touched the stuff in my life. I stayed home from work because just what I need is to infect all the booksellers in my store and then get blamed for all the call outs. The amazingly expensive drops really work and a lot of the redness is gone, but damn why me. I had plans tonight, they involved a nice dinner and then snuggling up with the boyfriend at the movies. Instead I spent a lot of time watching television and working on a pinwheel blanket, not a bad trade off in some respect but still.

I have blogged about being sick before, and I guess today I have a need to share with anyone who cares to read this blog, and that is just the point, I want to share something major to me and it might mean nothing to you.
Isn't that what blogging is all about? Sharing with a few close friends and a couple of hundred strangers. In reading Cara's blog about the demise of blogging I realized that it doesn't really matter if anyone reads this entry or if other people who have suffered with Pink Eye want to share their experiences with me, its just that I wanted to talk about it today, that I have this vehicle, this outlet to talk about anything that comes to mind.
Now yes my blog is called the Knitting Cube and there should be some knitting involved and there will be toward the end, but if all I wanted to talk about is about my love for Bette Davis movies, that is want I will do.
Ravelry has become an amazing force in the knitting and crocheting community, I totally agree with that, and I totally believe that if you love blogging you will continue and if all you want to do is Ravelry, then you will be spending all your free time there.

As knitters, crocheters and bloggers we all believe in sharing. Sharing stories, patterns, ideas and helpful hints and the occasional stitch marker. That is what makes all of this special and a safe place for all of us to communicate and share ideas with total strangers who are sitting in front of there laptop just as I am now.

My BFF shared her love of knitting with me and I finally gave her pair of socks knitted just for her. I got the hint big time when she kept saying that no one ever knits for her. So these are my first pair of toe up socks from Simply Knitting called Feet First by Debbie Tomkies.

Made with Aussi Yarn from Oasis Yarns in the Sahara colorway they were fun and fast to make and so easy for my first toe up socks.

Enjoy Nan!


Harlem Purl said...

I guess you had a lot to say huh? But I enjoyed reading it, you put it very eloquently.

And I am so proud of you and those toe up socks. They came out great and I'm sure miss bronx knitter loves 'em.

Hope you feel better....Pinky!

Nancy said...

Hey pink girl;) Great post. I ditto it.

Love my socks too!