Monday, May 26, 2008

Gilmore Girls ... Season 8 - Finished

For us Gilmore Girls fans the wish of an eighth season was a fading dream when the show ended after seven seasons, and it was replaced by another scandalous show with the same initials (argh).

I bloomed late to the legions of GG's fans and I became totally obsessed. Obsessed to the point of buying yarn from from White Oak Studios famous ty yarns. It was made with Lorelai and Rory in mind. Blue for their eyes, pink because they were so girlie and espresso brown for all the coffee they drank, and I chose the RPM's pattern from Knitty because they loved music so much.

But these socks took about as long as a complete season of the show. I started with such enthusiasm, but then it got lost in the shuffle when I started my mami's cardigan for her birthday. So after months and months and random rounds during lunch breaks, I finally started to dedicate my self to finishing these socks.

So yesterday while lounging and laughing at Nancy's annual Memorial Day Weekend BBQ, I was knitting away and this morning I finally finished them and that in between others jabbing at my knitting during a social event.
Now all knitters know that lazy Sunday's are made for knitting on a sunny deck, while drinking a cold beer and joking around with friends.

The colors are so vibrant and perfect, shame they are not so clear in the picture and on my chubby feet.

For those who know me well, know that I am not the most girlie girl out there. I am not the kind of woman who goes out and buys lots of handbags and such. I like a comfortable and roomy bag to fit all my stuff I carry to work, and easy to carry especially on the subway. It never makes sense to me when I see ladies with their crazy expensive clutch bags underneath there arms and then are carrying one or two tote bags.

I have not been able to find something that I like, well nothing that was not ridiculously expensive and with a short strap. Yeah yeah I am picky.

So I have decided to make my own. Hopefully with a combination of patterns and ideas will turn into a cool messenger type bag.
I have this cotton yarn from a Suss Cousins kits that I was lucky enough to get on clearance. I don't know if it will be enough for the whole bag, but the majority of it. Trust me, I have additional cottons in my stash to finish it up. My mami doesn't know that she will be making a lining for this bag when I finish it.

Wish me luck...and since there is going to be no felting involved with this bag, lets see how I can make it waterproof.

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Nancy said...

I still prefer the color changes on the first sock. All that pooling doesn't make the brown as cool on the second. Nonetheless they are very cute and Gilmore-y.

Glad someone could finish something at my BBQ;)