Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mami and the Birthday Cardigan

So it is finished!

In my knitting career I have made several kiddie cardigans and such, but no adult clothing besides a hat or sock until now.
The cardigan I started in November for my moms birthday was finally finished and seamed only a few days before her 78th birthday.
She had an idea that I was making her something since I had to measure her once, and since my mami has gained a little weight, I had to make it a size larger. She tried to be nosey by looking into my knitting baggie.

Using the Autumn Cardigan pattern from the book 12 Months of Knitting and Knit Picks Telemark yarn in the Bayberry colorway, the cardigan fit her perfectly. I was lucky to find the best buttons to match the cardigan at Tender Buttons on 62nd Street....warning !!! dangerous place.

My mami was thrilled and quickly posed for several shots for the benefit of my blog and the fact that she is a total ham when it comes to the camera.

The cutest part of this picture for me is the teddy bear, yeah that's hers too.

The detail of the flowers on the front of the cardigan were overlooked by her until she got up close and then she would not take it off. Unfortunately its getting warm and she won't have much occasion to wear it, but she will somehow.

So Nancy being my mami's second daughter, she made her Ice Queen from Knitty. My mami loves keeping her head wrapped when its chilly or at church, so this will be perfect in all occasions for her.

Now she can't complain that she doesn't have enough hand knitted items, besides all the socks I have made her.
My mami is a seamstress by trade, she could make anything she ever wanted to make since the age of 8, and she has made me almost every dress I have worn my entire I guess it is my turn now to make her some goodies.

Next time ... the saga of my Clapotis and my new favorite LYS.


Harlem Purl said...

I absolutely love the way the sweater came out. Wow I can remember when you started that thing. It was like....just started the back....finished a front...just magic looped a sleeve....and now you're done. Please give your Mother a Happy Birthday from me!

Nancy said...

She looks fantastic in it. The fit is absolutely perfect.

Nice job lady!

regina said...

What a beautiful sweater! It's perfect, and it looks wonderful on your mom! Happy birthday to your mom! xoxo

SLG said...

Your Mami's sweater looks fantastic! Kuddoos!!!
One of your NobleKnitters.

Sharon G